5 Easy And Festive Holiday Season Crafts You Can Do This Christmas!

Christmas will come upon us before we have time to blink our eyes. Yes, the time when everything is joyful and everyone is merry is finally here. And it is the season for Christmas crafts, finally! You might have already searched for Christmas crafts for 2021 you can make with your kids in the comfort of your home. And that is precisely why we have curated a list of simple Christmas art and craft ideas for kids that you can make at home with materials found easily in your home. This Christmas arts and crafts for kids list seems like just the ticket? Exactly what we intended to do with it.  We have already covered the basic Christmas crafts 2021 in our previous blog. Don’t forget to check it out. In today’s blog, we will be creating the not-so-common DIY Christmas crafts for this holiday. Now, without much ado, let’s get on with the list of arts and craft ideas for kids and keep our little ones learning and engaged always.

#1 Create a Star Ornament

Since it is Christmastime, it is no surprise our art projects for kids are centered around the Christmas tree. And we know that a Christmas tree can never have enough ornaments on it. What is a Christmas tree without some shiny ornaments? A star ornament is a simple DIY craft for kids. To create this simple Christmas craft for kids at home, you will need to get some foam balls, long toothpicks, silver glitter, silver spray paint, hot glue, and twine. Now, let’s figure out how to create this futuristic Christmas DIY for kids. You will first need to make sure that all the toothpicks are cut into different sizes. Then stick them onto a 1.5-inch foam ball. Make sure to mix the sizes of toothpicks next to each other. Now apply a couple of coats of silver spray paint. Next, dust the silver glitter dust on the structure while the paint is still wet. Use the hot glue to attach the twine to the ornament when it is dry so that you can hang this easy craft for kids on your Christmas tree. Make sure to take a lot of photographs of your super cool Christmas kids’ craft. Share it with us in this ‘Photograph an ornament’ challenge.

#2 Create Twig Ornaments

What can you do if you cannot get your hands on silver spray paint or glitter for your fun Christmas kids’ activities? We have got you covered. You do not need to do last-minute shopping or go through any such hassle. Instead, just pop outside to your yard. Find some tiny twigs. (Basically, you will need a few thin twigs of different shapes for this Christmas crafts idea). Now head to your sewing box and get some twine or thread. Also, get your hands on some glue. Now, we are sure these are things you will always keep handy. Gather your little ones and hand a few twigs to each of them along with the glue and strings and let them make some beautiful twig ornaments. A few Christmas craft ideas to make using twigs, string, and glue are twig stars, tiny twig Christmas trees, twig snowflakes, etc. To make a twig star, you will need five tiny twigs of the same length. Keep two twigs in a V shape and either glue the tips that touch or use some string to attach them. Use the open ends to attach the other twigs to complete your star using either string or glue. Now, to make a simple Christmas craft DIY twig Christmas tree, You will need two long twigs of the same size, a smaller twig, and a really tiny twig, glue, and some red strings. Arrange the longer twigs in a V shape and glue them together and close the V shape using the smaller twig and glue the really tiny twig to the middle of the smaller twig to complete the tree. Now, string the red strings around this twig tree and voilà! Your simple Christmas DIY with kids is complete. Share the photo of these twig ornaments in the above-mentioned challenge, or in this ‘Take a photo of anything’ challenge.

#3 Create a Christmas Tree Garland

What is Christmas home decor without a holiday-themed garland? Another simple Christmas craft for kids to do at home is to create a Christmas Tree Garland. Like we mentioned, it is super simple. For this super fun craft for kids, you will need some card stock, felt in different shades of green color, hot glue, a clothespin, and a long red string. To create this simple and fun craft, you will first need to cut the card stock in the shape of a triangle. Since we are making a garland, you will need to cut out a lot of triangles. Stick the green felt on these triangles and cut these triangles into three so that they can be stuck on the clothespin at an equal distance. Now, clip these Christmas tree clothespins to the red string and your garland is complete. It is now time to hang your kids’ art as part of your holiday home decor. There are a lot of other types of garlands you can make as part of this Christmas craft for kids to make at home. Check out this ‘Craft a heart garland’ challenge to create a heart garland.

#4 Create a centerpiece for your holiday table

A Christmas table is incomplete without its Christmas-themed centerpiece. You might find a lot of Christmas craft centerpiece ideas on the internet and be a bit confused about which one to do this year. We have got a simple Christmas craft DIY for you. All you need to do is grab those boring brown grab bags, some pine branches or any easily available foliage around your house, some twine, and tiny Christmas ornaments. Now, to begin this Christmas kids art activity, you will need to brainstorm with your little ones and come up with some art ideas for kids that can be done on the grab bags based on their favorite Christmas kids movie or favorite Christmas kids book. If that is not possible, simply put some white chalk paint on the bottom part of the grab bag and create a snowy Christmas scene above it on the grab bag. Stuff the bag with pine and branches that you have gathered. Now tie the twine on the grab bag beautifully and add some tiny Christmas ornaments. Your simple Christmas-themed centerpiece is ready. Once you set your table, don’t forget to take pictures and share with us on this ‘Set a dinner table’ challenge.

#5 Create Epic Christmas Slime   

Christmas and holiday time might not be the perfect time for chemistry experiments. But, trust us, kids can go crazy for this Christmas craft idea. Especially the littlest ones. Now, for this super cool Christmas kids activity, you will first need 5 oz of transparent glue, half a cup of water, a couple of drops of red food coloring, ½ tsp baking soda, some white beads, and red glitter. Mix all of this one by one in a bowl. Now, to this mixture, add 1 tbsp contact solution slowly until it forms into slime. Knead it together till the stickiness of the slime is gone. And voilà! Your Epic Christmas kids slime is ready. Super simple Christmas crafts Do It Yourself activity you can enjoy with your little ones, right? Share the results with us in this ‘Make epic slime’ challenge. Store this epic slime in an airtight container. You can decorate the container in a holiday theme, make a holiday gift wrap for it, and gift it to your friends. Check out this ‘Make holiday gift wrap’ challenge for some inspiration for making gift wrapping paper. For the airtight container, you can use a clean mason jar. To make it more festive, decorate the mason jar with a Christmas theme by painting it. (Few themes for you to try: Snow, Santa, and Snowman) Don’t forget to share the gift pack you created in ‘The gift pack challenge’.

We hope you try out all the above-mentioned Christmas crafts for kids. You can also create these Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs or Christmas kids’ events. We are sure these will get you a lot of brownie points. We also hope that you would come to enjoy creating these easy Christmas crafts for kids at your home. Let this holiday be a learning holiday for your kids where they also get to enjoy and have fun. Also, we know that these super simple Christmas crafts for kids will help you keep your little ones engaged throughout the Christmas holidays. And you will also get a lot of home decor items from these fun crafts and kids’ art activities. A win-win for everyone involved. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas-themed challenges here.

Happy DIYing! And a Merry little Christmas to you and your family!