7 Fun Activities For Your Kids To Do During Winter!

It is going to be cold for some time out there. And it is okay. Winter is also the time when everyone is happy and merry. It is also when we get ready to usher in the new year. However, we might not get to enjoy the outdoors a lot during the winter. Cooped up in your house for a long time could result in cabin fever. Time to figure out the best Christmas and winter crafts you can do with your little ones to make sure that doesn’t happen. We have curated a few winter crafts activities that you can do with your kids this winter. You see, these fall and winter crafts or any crafts that you create with your kids give them an outlet for their emotions. Craft and art projects for kids also help them develop their fine motor skills, and enhance their creativity. Let’s jump ahead and check out this list of fun winter art and craft ideas for kids.

#1 Make a cup of hot chocolate

During winter, it is always a hot chocolate kind of day. This super easy winter craft activity is such a cozy activity for winter. One which makes you feel warm inside. To make this winter edible craft activity, you will only need five ingredients: Cocoa powder, Chocolate, Sugar, milk, and vanilla extract. Now, let’s check out how to make a cup of hot chocolate. You will need a saucepan in which you can whisk together sugar and cocoa powder and add in milk, vanilla extract, and chocolate chunks. You need to keep whisking and stirring to make sure that you don’t end up burning the chocolate. Also, make sure that the heat is kept at a medium for this winter craft activity. You can replace milk with heavy cream and water in equal parts to make your hot chocolate extra creamy. Enjoy the hot chocolate with your little ones and share your pictures with us in this ‘Make the perfect hot chocolate’ challenge.

#2 Check out Winter and Christmas traditions across the world

Christmas is the best time to teach your kids that people celebrate Christmas differently across the world and that their traditions might differ from what you follow. What better way to teach them than through winter Christmas crafts. In some areas, they celebrate the arrival of winter by celebrating the winter solstice. For this winter arts and crafts activity, you can create bird feeders so that you can leave treats for the birds and little furry friends. Make sure to tell your kids why people celebrate the winter solstice while making this winter craft DIY. Share the pictures of your bird feeder here on the ‘Build a bird feeder’ challenge. Now, coming back to the Christmas traditions across the world, did you know the Japanese have the tradition of celebrating Christmas with KFC? Norway has a tradition of hiding brooms on Christmas Eve. Columbia has a tradition of celebrating Little Candles’ Day to mark the beginning of the Christmas season. The Philippines celebrates ‘The Giant Lantern Festival’ the Saturday before Christmas every year. Such unique traditions, right? If your family has any unique holiday traditions, share them with us in this ‘Share holiday traditions’ challenge.

#3 Make Swedish Snowball Lanterns

While you are teaching your little ones about the different winter traditions across the world, you can make this super simple winter outdoor craft. This activity is mainly for you if you live in a place where it snows during winter. If you get snow and can make snowballs, this is a super simple winter craft to make. You will also need tealights or battery-operated fairy lights for this cool winter crafts idea. For this winter crafts for kids, you will first need to identify a level area in your backyard. Make the snowballs using snow. Make sure that the snowballs are uniform for this fun craft. Next, you need to create a lantern ring using these snowballs you have created. Start building up by adding layer after layer of snowballs. You need to reduce the width as you go up each layer. Make sure to leave a small area free so that you can put the lights in. Once the construction of this DIY craft for kids is complete, light the tealights or battery-operated fairy lights and place them inside the snowball structure. And voilà! Your Swedish Snowball Lantern is ready! Share Christmas and winter traditions like this that you know in this ‘Try a tradition from another culture’ challenge.

#4 Paint a winter landscape

An awesome winter canvas painting idea for kids is to paint the winter landscape. We all know that the winter landscape looks really beautiful. If your kids get the chance to participate in any winter craft fairs or take part in winter art camp or winter art classes, they can show off their skills if you can teach them how to paint a winter landscape. For this winter canvas painting for kids, you will obviously need a canvas, paint, brushes, pencil, eraser, etc. On the canvas, start by sketching the outline of your landscape using a pencil. Once you have finalized the landscape outline, go ahead and paint the landscape using your favorite colors. Since it is a winter landscape, you can use, white, black, and blue colors for your landscape. For this winter landscape art idea for kids, you can go for a landscape that has hills, trees, the moon, and a snowman. These are enough for your kids to create a winter artwork. Share the winter art drawing with us in this ‘Paint a landscape’ challenge. Check out more painting-related challenges here.

#5 Watch a winter-themed movie

Winter nights are long. You can watch winter-themed kids’ movies while having a cup of hot chocolate to turn these long nights into cozy and warm ones. It is also one of the best winter kids’ party ideas. Our personal favorites when it comes to winter-themed kids’ movies are Frozen 1 and 2, Ice Age, Happy Feet, and The Snowman. We would love to know your favorite winter-themed movie. Share with us in this ‘Have a family movie night’ challenge.

#6 Make an ice suncatcher

Now, here is a fun and easy winter DIY craft, we will gladly be doing all winter. For this winter DIY for kids, you will need a cake tin or pie tin, gather some natural materials from your backyard to use as decoration, and twine or hanger. This is an easy craft for kids. To begin this fun craft for kids, you will first need to fill the cake tin or pie tin with water. Now, arrange the natural materials that you have foraged from your backyard to this water. Make sure to let the twine or hanger that you are using to hang the ice suncatcher be only partly in the water. Now, let this winter DIY with kids stay outdoors overnight so that it freezes. The next day or once the water freezes, you can thaw the tin for a few minutes so that the ice suncatcher easily comes off and hang it outdoors. Outdoors, because the ice suncatcher is sure to drip water. If you do not want to create an ice suncatcher, maybe you can draw a suncatcher or dreamcatcher and share it with us in this ‘Make dreamcatcher art’ challenge.

#7 Go treasure hunting

Kids are always active, especially when they have a lot of time on their hands during the holidays. Winter holidays are no exception. One reason why you would love our arts and crafts for kids lists. We are sure your kids will love this winter craft for kids to do at home. For this winter craft activity, you will first need to create a treasure map and hide treasures in and around your home without your kids knowing. You can incorporate winter craft and art projects for kids in this treasure hunt. You are at liberty to create your own treasure hunt. Feel free to share the treasure map with us in this ‘Make a treasure map’ challenge. You can also create winter-themed scavenger hunts where your kids can check off things they see during the scavenger hunt. You can also let them collect things they can later repurpose for winter crafts for kids at home. Nice, right?

We hope that you and your little ones will enjoy doing all the activities mentioned above. We have a lot more winter-themed challenges coming up, which you can check out here. There is one upcoming in the next few days called ‘Sketch & Paint The Birds of Winter with DIY Star Zaggamuffin’ challenge. Keep your calendar open for this challenge and let us know how you liked it. We hope that these craft ideas for kids that we share with you help you have a wonderful time with your kids over the holidays. After all, bonding with your loved ones is one of the most important things to do for holidays. 

Happy holidays!