6 Fun And Easy Winter Crafts For Kids To Make!

The winter is coming!

And we need to be prepared: for the endless Christmas and winter crafts, you can create with your little ones. With winter comes a lot of time indoors, and that doesn’t sit well with hyper-energetic kids who long to go outside to play. And it could be a task to entertain your little ones while they are eager to go outside. So, this is the best time to try your hand at fall and winter crafts with your little ones. And we are here to help you out like always. We have curated a list of winter crafts ideas for you. We have no plans to disappoint you. So without much ado, let’s delve right in and check out all the awesome winter arts and crafts on this list.   

#1 Make a snowflake

One of the easiest winter crafts to make is snowflakes, and we know for a fact that most kids love making snowflakes. If you are having a party, making snowflakes as part of the decor is one of the best winter kids’ party ideas. You can also hang these snowflakes on your Christmas tree. It is nearly impossible to have two identical snowflakes. That means nobody gets to make mistakes when creating this fun craft for kids. Every snowflake is going to be unique and beautiful. A good way to teach kids that they are all unique and perfect the way they are. While the kids are creating this DIY craft for kids, they are also learning some essential skills like bilateral skills, visual motor skills, and creativity. It is very easy to do this art project for kids. You will need white paper, a pencil, scissors, string, etc. Fold the paper at least twice. (In half and then again in half). Use the pencil to draw your favorite designs on the paper and cut them out using scissors. If your kids are small, assist them in cutting out the shapes. Now, you can open up the paper to check out your design, and voilà! Your snowflake is ready. Showcase your winter artwork with us in this ‘The snowflake challenge’. If you are looking to add some color to this fun DIY with kids, check out this ‘Make a tie-and-dye snowflake’ challenge.

#2 Make a winter playground

Winter doesn’t mean you have to be holed up in your home all the time. There are some fun art and craft ideas for kids, with which you can create your own little winter playground in your yard. Playing outdoor in winter is also helpful for the kids. These winter outdoor crafts and activities help in boosting your kid’s immune system, promote physical and social development, stimulate creativity, and also help them connect with nature. Make sure to have your kids dress in three layers of clothing for these outdoor winter crafts activities. Some fun outdoor DIY for kids are creating ice toys, making a snowman, painting on the snow, having fun throwing snowballs, freezing bubbles, making a treasure hunt, building an igloo, having a bonfire on the snow, snow tubing, etc. If you want to go even further, you can build a sled ramp or an ice rink. It would be great fun to make these crafts for kids to do at home with the little ones. And it would be even more fun to play with them. If you are making your yard into a winter playground, share the results with us in this ‘Build a winter playground’ challenge. We would love to see what you came up with.    

#3 Make a winter outfit

If your kid is into fashion, this is one of the best winter arts and crafts for kids. You can ever enter this in some winter art festival or winter garden craft fair. You can start with creating some winter kids coats or any other simple outfit. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the winter outfit gives your little one protection from the cold weather during winter. It is good to create outfits in darker colors since the darker colors retain heat more than light-colored outfits. Some simple outfits you can create for winter are sweaters, scarves, beanies, gloves, fleece jackets, mittens, socks, etc. Let’s teach you how to make a simple fleece beanie. For this super fun craft, you will need fleece/fabric, scissors, and a sewing kit. Cut out four U-shaped fabrics and one long rectangular shaped fabric and sew them together to form the shape of a beanie. Make your own winter outfit and share the results with us in this ‘Design a winter outfit’ challenge. Want to take this a step further? Try your hand at designing a futuristic winter outfit and share it with us in this ‘Design an outfit you could wear in the future challenge. Super cool, right?

#4 Make a winter survival kit

Winter comes with its own disadvantages. And if you are living in an area that is prone to blizzards, it is better to teach your kids to make a winter survival kit. Make this an essential project or craft for kids at home so that they can learn all the things they need in a survival kit. The most essential thing in your winter survival kit is a first aid kit. Also required are a LED flashlight, jumper cables, a simple tool kit, cell phone charger, portable air compressor, safety absorbent, gloves, and warm hats, candle-powered heater, etc. What else do you think is needed in a survival kit? Tell us. It is a good thing to teach your older kids how to make a winter survival kit as part of winter crafts for teens. Create your own winter survival kit and share it with us in this ‘Make your own winter survival kit’ challenge. Also, share the essential things you think are required in a survival kit. After all, they say sharing is caring.

#5 Learn a winter sport

While learning 5-minute crafts and winter hacks, it is also essential to learn some winter sports. Yes, learning winter sports should be included in fun crafts and activities you can do during winter. You can learn skiing, figure skating, ice skating, sledding, etc. It is good to learn winter sports because it helps build your cardio, strengthens your muscles, boosts your balance, and reduces your mental stress. Teach your kids a winter sport of their choice and share how it went with us in this ‘Learn a winter sport’ challenge. It would be great if you could share your experience with us because it will be an encouragement for others to learn a winter sport and also to understand how it would be learning a new sport. If you and your kids love watching sports, then go to your favorite winter sport and share the news with us in this ‘Do sports news’ challenge and wow us with your filmmaking skills. 

#6 Draw a winter landscape

Since you will be spending most of your time in the house during winter, it is also the best time to hone your kid’s art skills. Check out some easy painting ideas for kids, and you are good to go. Some easy winter DIY crafts and art projects are drawing a snowman, drawing a penguin, creating some snowflake art, drawing a starry winter sky, etc. Create your own winter art camp at home. It will be a fun idea and your little ones will be entertained for a long time. Let them try their hand at drawing a winter landscape and share the results with us in this ‘Draw a winter landscape’ challenge. As a bonus, here is a simple and fun crafts and art project for you to try together: An aerial view of a snowman. Cut out three concentric circles from white paper and color the edge of the paper in a color of your choice, preferably blue or black. Stick the smaller circles on top of the bigger circles so that the edges are not stuck to the paper. You can cut out some paper in the shape of sticks and stick them to the circles to make the hands of the snowman. Create a nose similarly and lo, your aerial snowman is ready. Simple craft ideas for kids, right?

We hope you try out all the above-listed winter craft and art ideas for kids and share the end results with us. There are a lot more challenges you can check out here on our website that has a lot of fun winter crafts activities that you can create with your kids at your home. We make sure to use materials that can be easily found at your homes, too. Awesome, right? If you are interested in checking out our fun courses, you can find them here. We would love to see your kids taking part in our courses and challenges. We hope that you loved this list of fun and easy winter crafts for you to make with your kids. 

Happy DIYing!