5 Best Christmas Crafts You Can Make This Festive Season!

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s finally here! It’s time to make the finishing touches to ensure your house seems merry, bright, and full of holiday cheer. Christmas is a magical time and also the best time to plan some easy Christmas crafts for kids. Yes, the best time to bond with your kids is definitely during the holidays. Bring out your Christmas craft ideas for your holiday project and create some awesome D.I.Y Christmas crafts. If you are looking for some fun Christmas crafts ideas to make, you are in the right place because we have decided to make your life pretty simple by curating this awesome list of easy crafts for kids and you to try over the holidays together. So, let’s jump right into the fun Christmas crafts 2021 list!

#1 Create a beautiful DIY Christmas Tree and Christmas Tree Skirt

Creating a DIY Christmas Tree is one of the best easy art projects for kids during Christmas because Christmas is synonymous with a Christmas Tree. You might already have a huge tree on your porch all decked up for Christmas. However, what if your kids want smaller ones in their rooms? Or do you fancy having a simple Christmas tree in your dining area as well? You can do some simple Christmas craft DIY and create some super minimalistic Christmas trees that are really beautiful to look at. One way to create a Christmas tree DIY with kids is to cut a large circle from a cardboard box. Now, draw concentric circles inside at regular intervals and cut along those concentric circles to make it into a long circling piece of cardboard. The next step in this DIY craft for kids is to let this piece of cardboard hang from the center, at a height that’s convenient for you. The rest of the piece will flow naturally down, and it will resemble a circular tree once you decorate it with ornaments and lights. There are more ways to create Christmas tree DIY for kids. You can use sticks, wood pallets, bottles, toilet paper rolls, etc. to create your own version of Christmas trees. Create your version of a Christmas tree, decorate it and share it with us in this ‘Decorate a tree’ challenge. Another fun art project for kids would be to create a DIY Christmas tree skirt for your tree. Try it out.

#2 Create Christmas cards for loved ones

Who hasn’t sent Christmas cards for their loved ones, right? However, it is very nostalgic to think about now. To keep the tradition of giving your loved ones a Christmas card alive, you can try your hand at paper crafts for kids. It is one of the best Christmas kids activities. To make this simple Christmas craft for kids, all you need is a piece of paper. You can also fold that in half to create an inside and outside. If you use card stock paper to make cards for this kids’ art activity, it will be much better. You can also make Christmas cards as part of preschool Christmas crafts for your preschooler if you have one. You can use your kids’ thumbprints, your kids’ art, and much more on these Christmas cards. If your child has some favorite Christmas kids movies or Christmas kids songs, you can use them for inspiration to create these Christmas cards. Check out some challenges we have for this Christmas crafts DIY.

If your child is between the ages of 6 – 13, check out these greeting card challenges on DIY: ‘Draw a fashionable snowman’ challenge, ‘Draw a fashionable snowflake’ challenge, ‘Draw a fashion Christmas tree’ challenge, and many more. If you are looking to create pop-up greeting cards for Christmas, you can try this ‘Make a pop-up greeting card’ challenge out too!

#3 Create Christmas tree ornaments for your Christmas tree

What is a Christmas tree without its ornaments? You can use a lot of art and craft ideas for kids to create some simple Christmas tree ornaments for your Christmas tree. Here are some simple Christmas ornaments you can make as part of arts and crafts for kids: Mini bells, Santa ornaments, Olaf from Frozen movie ornaments, unicorn ornaments, elf ornaments, Snowmen, Snowflakes, socks, canes, paper houses, yarn ornaments, popsicle ornaments, etc. Let us make a simple Christmas craft for kids to do at home by making a Snowman ornament for your Christmas tree. For this Christmas craft for kids at home, you will need white craft beads, red felt, thread or strings, black felt, glue, sticks, black rhinestones, etc. Use the white craft beads to create the body of the snowman and use thread to piece them together securely. Use the black rhinestones to create the eyes and buttons on the body of the snowman. Use the red felt to create the nose for the snowman. Make a top hat for the snowman using the black felt and glue it on the head. Glue some stick hands for the snowman on either side of the body. Use a string to create a loop and glue it to the top hat so that the snowman ornament you made can be hung on the Christmas tree you made earlier. Share the results with us in this ‘Make Christmas tree ornament’ challenge.

#4 Create beautiful Christmas wreaths for your door

The first thing you often see at homes when you visit for Christmas is the Christmas wreaths. It is actually a brilliant craft idea for kids. They are also very welcoming and beautiful to look at. Originated from ancient Greek and Rome, wreaths are supposed to be signs of victory. When you hang a wreath on your door, you are welcoming the spirit of Christmas into your home and also making it a Christmas kids tradition! For this simple craft for kids, you will need a coat hanger and some foliage of your choice. Maybe you can go scavenging around your backyard to get some beautiful foliage you can make into a beautiful wreath. You can use twigs, fruits, flowers, leaves, branches, etc. to make these fun crafts for kids. This fun craft can also be made using felt, paper, wooden spools, Christmas ornaments, pompoms, gift bows, balloons, Christmas lights, etc. Once you finish making the wreath for your front door with your kids, don’t forget to share it with us in this ‘Make a wreath’ challenge.

#5 Spend some quality family time

What’s a holiday without some family time? You can create a number of kids’ crafts for Christmas, however, the most memorable moments for them would be the time you spent together as a family. Come up with some Christmas traditions for your family. You can organize Christmas kids events, bake some cake for Christmas, make Gingerbread man, make some Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs with your kids, watch some Christmas kids movies, sing some Christmas kids songs with your kids, draw some festive wall art on the walls in their rooms, etc. Remember to make these moments memorable for your kids because they will remember them forever. We have a ‘Make a berrylicious blueberry crumble loaf’ challenge you can try out with you your kids. For this fun Christmas kids activity, you will need to keep ready: melted butter, sugar, plain flour, cinnamon, caster sugar, vegetable oil, an egg, milk, plain flour, baking powder, salt, fresh/frozen blueberries/ any berry of your choice, a couple of bowls, 2 spatulas. a hand or electric whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, a loaf tin or cupcake tin, cupcake liners, baking paper, and pastry brush. Please note that this challenge is for kids aged 8 to 14. Parental supervision is advised. You can check out this ‘Make a felt Christmas stocking’ challenge to create stockings for each of your family members. You can hang these felt stockings on your fireplace and fill them with gifts and candies for your loved ones. A good idea, right?

These are the basics you need to cover while welcoming this festive season into your homes. Try out every one of these Christmas crafts for 2021 and make your home cheerful. We are sure you will love creating these Christmas crafts ideas with your kids. It is indeed a beautiful time to bond with your kids and make beautiful memories. We are sure that these crafts for kids to do at home with you, help them communicate better with you, learn about teamwork, improve their social skills, improve their fine motor skills, etc. Don’t forget to share the results with us in the respective challenges we shared. You can also check out other challenges we have here. Look out for the LIVE challenges that we have ongoing and try them out too. 

To end on a merry note, Here is an interesting one you can do this festive season: ‘Make winter landscape sponge art’ challenge for kids aged 6 to 12. Let us know how you liked it. 

Happy holidays and happy DIYing!