7 Great Online Learning Games and Challenges for Kids to Play at Home

We have all been spending time inside our homes for the most part of the last two years, and we see your struggle! It is indeed an Olympian feat, juggling household chores, work, Zoom meetings, and at the same time making sure your kids are taken care of and learning through interactive games for kids. You might have already tried kids coloring games, car games for kids, fun math games for kids, and many more such as learning kids games and challenges to keep them occupied.

Is your list exhausted? We’re here to the rescue. We have a few virtual games for kids that your kids will absolutely love. Not just that, these online learning games for kids and challenges help them develop and hone their skills even during these trying times.

Let’s delve right in!

#1 Memory games for kids online

You can find a lot of online puzzle games for kids and challenges that kids love online. Word games for kids online are a game-changer for kids who love solving puzzles and word games. These word games for kids online help kids explore their vocabulary and language. A fun way to introduce kids to word games is to let them invent a word game. Check out our Invent A Word Game Challenge to check out some fun word games a few little champs from across the world invented. Are your kids more into puzzles? Let them try out our Create A Puzzle Game Challenge or this Design A Puzzle Challenge. Do they love playing chess? Chess is one of the most common games for kids to play online. Let them try out our challenges that are related to chess here.

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#2 Fun math games for kids

If your kid is a math enthusiast, there are tons of online math games for kids that your kids will love. If your kid is in 1st grade or younger, you can start with simple math 1st-grade games or fun math learning games for 5-year-olds and gradually move on to more complex math games. These fun math games for kids on the computer help them understand the basics like counting numbers, identifying numbers, other basic math skills, and boost confidence. If your kid loves teaching math, they can try out this Teach Math Trick Challenge that we have. Do they love mixing fun and math, let them try out this Tell A Math Joke Challenge. More into crafts? Let them try out this Homemade Math Tool Challenge. Who knew learning math was this fun? Don’t forget to try out more of these fun games for kids online related to math here. There are also money games for kids online that can teach them addition, subtraction, division, and much more. 

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#3 Crafts and art games for kids online

There are so many fun games for kids online that deal with arts and crafts. Children’s games online can be a fun place for them to learn complex principles through arts and crafts. Check out learning games for 5th graders and above and select the games and challenges your kids will love. Kids will love creating crafts and arts from stuff lying around your house. This Make Art With Plastic Challenge or Make Art From Found Materials Challenge is a good place to start. You can see your kids making flowers and other beautiful art out of random things found around your house after watching a few of these art games for kids online. Kids can get inspired by anything. Let them dabble a bit on Procreate and create some digital art. Make sure to post the results on our Digital Scratch Art on Procreate Challenge. If your kids are more into digital art, let them try out our other challenges here. However, if they like being hands-on and don’t mind getting a bit messy, they can try out a few of our challenges here that are a few of our best online games for kids. 

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#4 Zoom games for kids 

Being socially distant from their friends and peers could be a bit lonely for kids. There are tons of online games for kids which they can play with their friends online over Zoom or other video conferencing applications. And if you are searching for fun zoom games for kids to keep them entertained, look no further. Freeze dance, I Spy, dance parties, and singing sessions are some fun virtual games for kids that can be played over Zoom. Make sure to send your dance videos to this Make A Dance Party Challenge. If your kids are into singing, let them try that out with their friends and send their singing videos to our Sing A Song You Know And Love Challenge. Fitness challenges with your friends are a good way to be fit and healthy. Simple fitness challenges like dance fitness challenges with your friends on Zoom or beginner’s Yoga challenges with your friends are a few fun Zoom games for kids and adults alike. Check out our Dance Fitness Challenge and Practice Yoga Challenge to know more about how to do it. These are not just fun and interactive games for kids. These Zoom games for kids help them socialize with their friends and peers and also keep their mind and body healthy with these challenges and games. You can also try out Halloween games for kids online or online Christmas games for kids if your kids would love to play holiday virtual games. 

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#5 Multiplayer games for kids online

There are a lot of interactive online games for kids that are multiplayer games kids love. You can check out browser games for kids or flash games for kids where they can play with their friends online in real-time. Parental supervision is also advised when it comes to these multiplayer games for kids online in case they are playing with strangers. You can also try the games out yourself to check if they are kid-friendly. Pictionary, Uno, and puzzle games are some of the best online games for kids when it comes to multiplayer games for kids online. If your child loves Among Us or Minecraft, you can check out Gaming Sundays challenges for Among Us and Minecraft. Parental supervision is advised. To ensure multiplayer games are safe for your kids, you can make it a fun family activity by creating profiles for each of your family members or downloading apps onto personal devices and playing in a closed group with each other. 

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#6 Coding challenges for kids online

If your kids are into coding, check out online educational games for kids that are related to coding. First and foremost is to understand your kid’s interests and then honing their coding skills. Make sure that these learning kids’ games related to coding are both entertaining and educational. Know that kids as young as 5 to 7 years can indulge in learning kids games that are related to coding. We have a Learn Scratch Coding With Diy Star Henricool which can be a good start for your little ones. Also, did you know that coding can be learned even without a computer? There are a lot of learning kids games offline that help kids understand the concepts and skills required in coding. Robot Turtle is a board game that kids can play to understand programming fundamentals and language.  

#7 Cooking challenges for kids

Learning cooking can also be fun if done the right way. There are a lot of online educational games for kids and interactive games for kids that are related to cooking. Based on your kid’s age, introduce them to simple cooking online games for kids and then move to more complex stuff. Let the kids start off with a Create An Ingredient List Challenge. They can then try making a shake or drink and then move on to Making A Dessert Challenge. You can find more cooking challenges here. Cooking is a life skill that everyone needs to know, and teaching cooking to your kids through fun and interactive games for kids is an awesome way to pique their interest in cooking.

We hope you get a chance to try out all these fun online games for kids. Don’t miss out on any of the above, and make sure to explore more of our challenges here to discover learning games and challenges for kids to play at home. These simple and fun interactive games for kids help them learn through fun and enhance their skills in different subjects like art, math, coding, cooking, etc. while playing these virtual games for kids at home. What more do you need? If you want to learn more about these fun online educational games for kids, check out our course library for more cool children’s games online. Also, look out for our live challenges for your kids can take part in. They will also get a chance to view what other kids from around the world have done for those challenges.

Explore all our cool and fun arts and crafts online games for kids on our website and try them all out. Enjoy the challenges and have fun learning!

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