8 Educational Games And Activities For Kids Who Get Bored Easily!

They say that the attention span of children can be measured as two to three minutes per year of age. But, who has time to check the statistics when you have kids running around the house and bouncing like Tigger because they are bored. If this has prompted you to search for online games for kids or say fun games for kids online, then you are in the right place. We are here to help you figure out some fun interactive games for kids and virtual games for kids that will keep them occupied. 

Before we start, you need to keep in mind a few things as a parent or guardian when trying out different learning kids games and online educational games for kids. The first thing is to check if kids need supervision while playing games for kids on the computer or if can they play these virtual games for kids on their own. The second is to see if these games for kids to play online are keeping them engaged enough and not scream ‘I’m bored after five minutes. Another important factor you need to check is why the kids are getting bored easily. You can find out the underlying factors for your kid’s boredom before introducing them to children’s games online. Kids who are smarter than average tend to get bored more easily and may require more challenging and engaging games than their peers of the same age. With that out of the way, let’s delve right into the different online learning games for kids which can keep your kids engaged without getting bored easily. Don’t forget to try them all.

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#1 Art games for kids online 

Kids coloring games are sure to keep little kids engrossed in an activity for a long time. Depending on the level of complexity, you can let your kids enjoy different coloring activities. Does your kid have a pet and love them from the bottom of their heart? Engage them by letting them draw an anime version of their pet. Check out these amazing entries we got when a few little champions joined our Draw an anime version of your pet challenge. Does your kid love to draw emojis? Let them. They can even submit their entries to our Make your own emoji challenge. Is your kid more advanced technologically? Let them try out this Create digital scratch art on Procreate challenge. There are more of these challenges that are related to kids coloring games that you should check out on our website.

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#2 Memory games for kids online

Memory games for kids online are a sure-shot way to keep kids occupied, and it works wonders when it comes to helping them in their education. There are so many educational flash games for kids that come under this category. These virtual games for kids are sure to enhance their memory, and they do that while your kid gets to have fun. A win-win. If your kid loves cubing, let them get cubing and learn how to solve a cube in seven simple steps. Trust us, this will keep them occupied for a long time. Don’t believe us? Check out the entries we got for this Let’s get cubing challenge and see for yourself. No access to the internet? Don’t worry. You can check out this Cloud memory game challenge as well. But, the simplest memory game would be to ask your kid to draw something from their memory. You can even submit their drawings to this memory challenge.

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#3 Online math games for kids

You can find a lot of fun math games for kids online. Especially those interactive online games for kids that are super fun and easy. We know that kids would love math games and activities if you tell them there was a little bit of fun and magic involved. Let them learn this predict numbers challenge and perform in front of the whole family. It is also a good way to improve their presentation skills. Is your kid in the first grade? There are a lot of fun math 1st grade games that kids would love, like counting games, simple math puzzles, etc. What if your kid is a 5th grader? Check out our website for different challenges and learning games for 5th graders that will definitely keep them from being bored. There are also money games for kids online that help kids learn different values of bills and coins, how to handle money, addition, subtraction, etc.

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#4 Multiplayer games for kids online

Kids love healthy competition. Multiplayer games for kids give them just that. Make sure to have parental supervision if they are playing online with strangers, though. There are so many children’s games online these days like Pictionary, Uno, puzzle games, etc. These can also be played offline if there are enough players involved. These are some of the best online games for kids, and just one of these can keep all the kids involved for hours, and they won’t ever get bored.

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#5 Word games for kids online

By the age of five, they say kids know around two thousand words. That’s awesome! There are a lot of learning games for 5-year-olds that are available online, which will help kids increase their vocabulary. For starters, you can even ask your kids to invent a new word and define it. Check out our Invent a new word challenge to see some interesting entries from little champs around the world. Word search, spelling puzzles, rhyming trees, etc are a few of the popular children’s games online that kids enjoy. There are also all-time favorites like Bingo and Scrabble among the online puzzle games for kids that kids would love. These can also be played offline and are sure to keep them entertained for a while.

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#6 Zoom games for kids

Worried that your kids are complaining about not meeting their friends to play with? There are a lot of fun zoom games for kids like I Spy, Simon says, Taboo, 5-second rule, Alphabet games like ‘Person, place, or Thing’, and the eternal favorite ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ that kids love. You will be surprised at how these simple virtual games for kids can keep them from becoming bored easily. And these are a few of the multiplayer games kids love. Check out our Make a sock puppet challenge and other LIVE challenges, and let your kids and their friends have fun over zoom, sharing how their puppets turned out to be. After all, everything is fun for kids when they are doing it with their friends.

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#7 Holiday games for kids online

Enjoying the Christmas holidays at home, but your little ones are getting bored easily? There are a lot of online Christmas games for kids that are sure to pique the interest of your kids. Check out activities that are holiday-related like making a wreath, or baking a holiday treat. We received a lot of entries for our How to make a wreath challenge, and we are sure your kids will love making them too. Halloween holidays? We have got you covered. There are a lot of Halloween games for kids online that will keep them from being bored. Try baking a treat with them. Make sure to upload the pictures to our Bake a holiday treat challenge. Let kids decorate their space according to the holiday decor. We are sure that is a fun activity your kids will love.

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#8 Car games for kids

All kids love cars. Whether it is car chases and races on browser games for kids or making their own cars and playing with them, kids of all ages love car games. If your kid would like to make a car of their own, check out this challenge where they can build their own soap box car. You can also check out car games for kids to play online if your kid is more interested in playing car games online. What about when you are going on a long journey and your kids are bored? We have got you covered. Games like I Spy, spelling bee, name that tune, endings game, etc, are sure to make car rides enjoyable. You can also find out more word games for kids online to keep them entertained during the rides. 

These simple interactive games for kids are sure to capture every kid’s interest and keep them engaged for a long time. There are a lot more interactive online games for kids that can help kids increase their knowledge when it comes to art, math, memory, etc. Make sure to engage them in different activities that involve their different skill sets. This helps them learn while playing. Keep a lookout for more online learning games for kids on the DIY.org blog. We also have some awesome courses that your kids will love that you should check out.

Make sure to try out the different online games for kids that we have mentioned above, and don’t forget to check out our live challenges to take part in them.

Have fun enjoying the games!

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