8 Cool DIY Projects For Kids To Try This Fall!

Fall is right around the corner. There are beautiful colors everywhere and cozy scents in the air. You and your kid(s) are ready to have fun and enjoy fall to the maximum. Now is the time you search for a fun project for kids and online puzzles for kids frantically on your computer. Last-minute panic is so last season. Now you can easily find online learning for kids and fun experiments for kids at home at your fingertips with just a quick search. We have made the job easier for you. We have curated a list of fun DIY and science project ideas for kids which we are sure you and your kid(s) will love making.

Fall is one of the best seasons to gather around as a family and have a great time bonding over a couple of games and some fun DIY projects for kids. Don’t forget to try all the ones mentioned below!

#1 Family game night 

Family time is a fun way to kickstart fall. Check out some fun DIY projects for kids and keep them handy during this family bonding time. Pick a competitive game that everyone likes, or pick out some DIY science experiments that your kids might love to have fun trying with the whole family. Don’t forget to take a picture and post it in our Have a Family Game Night Challenge. Divide yourselves into two teams and have a rap battle. Be the first one to post about it on our Rap Battle Challenge. It is a fun way for kids to learn metaphors and similes. There are tons of learning videos for kids on our website which you can check out for more fun activities for your game nights. 

#2 Decoration time

What is fall without some decorations? Let your kid’s creativity flow with some fun DIY and science projects for kids. Let them decorate their room with some fairy lights and lamps of their choice. This is also a great chance to explore DIY science experiments for kids which are related to lights. There are a lot of fun science experiments for kids which are related to light that you can check out on our website. Check out our Decorate The Room Challenge for more ideas and submit your photos. You can also check out our Light A Venue Challenge for more DIY ideas related to decorating an area where your kids can have singing and dancing face-off challenges among themselves. Kids love anything spooky. Make a spooky decoration as a fall DIY project for kids. Check out some fun entries we got on our Spooky Decoration Challenge for inspiration. You can also decorate a pumpkin as part of your fun DIY science projects for kids at home and learn some crafting skills and how light works too! Don’t forget to post your pictures on our Decorate A Pumpkin Challenge. This will also come in handy for Halloween time when everyone wants to create the best Jack-o’-lantern.      

#3 Bake a treat

If your kids are into baking and love watching online classes for kids that are related to baking, this activity is going to be a huge success. All you need to do is bake a treat with them. Kids love getting their hands dirty, so they would be happy to be involved. Make sure to let them watch some kids’ educational video on cooking and baking beforehand. Don your aprons and chef hats to get baking and have some fun. Take lots of pictures and post them on our Bake A Holiday Treat Challenge. This can also be an interesting start for your kids to try out some easy at-home science experiments for kids that involve baking and cooking. 

#4 Inktober challenges

Are your kids into drawing? Inktober is a cool project for kids. Each year, the Inktober challenge has different sets of prompts for each day. Check out some fun and easy inktober prompts on DIY.org or create an Inktober calendar yourself for the entire month of October. You can check out some cool learning videos for kindergartners and kids that are related to art and crafts and guide them in the Inktober challenge. Based on your kid’s skill level, you can make your own prompts and share them with your kids. You can also check out our Inktober Challenge if you want to check out some simple prompts.  

#5 Team up with your pets

If you have pets, then don’t forget to have them join in on the fun too. Involving your pets in your activities with your kids is a great way to engage your kids in cool kid science experiments and DIY projects. Take a fall-themed pet portrait of your loving pet and share them with us on our Holiday-Themed Pet Portrait Challenge. Involve your pet in a DIY challenge or cool science experiments for kids and tell us about it in our Include A Pet In A DIY Challenge. Kids love DIY and science projects for kids at home that involve their pets. Making a camper, tent, stairs, or window seat is a fun DIY project for kids that kids can make for their beloved pets. 

#6 Halloween time

Fall is always synonymous with Halloween. And it is a lovely time when kids get to have a lot of fun. There are so many fun DIY and science experiments for kids that you can do at home. We are sure kids will light up at the thought of making trick-or-treat bags. Homemade trick or treats bags are in vogue and you can make them out of a simple pillowcase. Check out this Create A Trick Or Treat Bag Challenge For more ideas. We are sure each family has its own Halloween traditions. You might have one too. If not, you can create one now and tell us about it in our Halloween Tradition Challenge. Check out the other entries to find out the traditions that families all over the world follow for Halloween. Is your kid obsessed about Halloween and knows a lot of fun facts about it? Then they should try out our Halloween Themed Script Challenge or let them bake a Halloween-themed treat and share it with us on our Bake A Spooky Treat Challenge. There are a lot of other children’s science experiments and DIY projects that kids can try out during Halloween.   

#7 Make a costume    

What is Halloween without costumes? Kids love dressing up for Halloween and going ‘trick or treat’-ing. You can check out our website for all fun DIY projects for kids or DIY cloth and wood projects for kids to find out some amazing costume ideas for you and your kids. Yes, dressing up in matching costumes with your kids is a fun activity you should try. Create your matching costumes and share the photo with us on our Make A Costume Challenge. We know something that will go well with your costume. A mask! It is easy to create a mask. All you need is some craft paper, a string, and some creativity. A mask is the most perfect way to make your kid’s costume a hit. Check out some cool DIY masks a few of our DIYers made for our Make A Mask Challenge.  

#8 Picture time

Fall is a great time to create memories with your family, and a great way to remember these memories is by capturing them as a photo. A cool DIY project for kids would be to have your kids take pictures using an instant camera or a Polaroid camera and create a mini album out of the pictures they have clicked. They can create a digital postcard too. Check out this Digital Picture Postcard Challenge to find out how you can help your kids create a digital postcard. Another fun project for kids is to take pictures with family, friends, and pets and hang the Polaroids in their room. You can also share those pictures for our various challenges – Take A Picture With Your Dad Challenge, Take A Picture With Your Mom Challenge, or even our Take A Picture With Your Grandparents Challenge.  

These are a few simple DIY projects and science experiments for kids to do at home that we are sure you would love to try with your kids. You can check out many more simple science experiments for kids and DIY project for kids just like this on DIY.org. Make sure to check out our courses where you can find even more exciting crafts and science videos for kids. Explore our challenges to take part in them and to check out the live challenges that involve a lot of easy science experiments for kids and DIY project for kids. Who doesn’t love this season of gorgeous colors and cozy scents? It is the perfect time to create some fun DIY projects with kids.

We also have challenges that are specifically fall-themed such as Halloween project for kids, which we are sure your kids will love. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourselves while doing these fun projects.

Happy DIY-ing! And Happy Fall!

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