5 Stay At Home Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kid


Whether you’re a parent working from home, a stay-at-home parent, or have to step outside for your work, it’s always a good idea to have fun indoor activities to do with your kids, particularly during summer. Whether you turn it into an activity bucket list or pick a few favorites, your family is guaranteed to make some awesome memories! 

While COVID-19 might have brought the blues to being cooped up at home in different places around the world, here are five stay-at-home indoor activities your kid can do to fight the boredom blues. 

#1. Shake It With Shakers

Let your cards speak with sparkles. Unlock your kid’s creativity and let them make their version of shaker cards. They are also the perfect gift to wish someone on their special day or to cheer them up. You will need some scissors, a transparent sheet, card stock, embellishments, and some double-sided tape. The key is in making a good window for the card and decorating it. If you’d like a follow a video, we’ve got three different ways to make a shaker card! 

#2. Make A Tie-And-Dye Snowflake

Who doesn’t like snowflakes? They’re fun to make, and it’s never gonna get old! It’s also an inexpensive way to add some winter cheer to any room, and before you know it, you’ll have your little paper blizzard! You’ll need some paper, markers, scissors, glue, brushes and some water. Follow along with our DIYer, @TeriB to know how to make your own dyed snowflakes

#3. Make A Galaxy In A Jar

Do you fancy the space and the galaxies that are lightyears away from us? Make your own galaxy that fits in a jar! You’ll need You will clean glass jar with a lid, water-based paint like tempera, acrylic, or washable in 2-3 colors like purple, pink or blue, a bag of cotton balls, silver glitter, a glass of water, and something to use as a stirring stick like a straw, the end of a fork or a paintbrush. Follow along with this video to make it now! 

#4. The Paper Airplane Challenge!

Love making paper airplanes? Learn how to make a paper airplane that can really fly the distance! All you’ll need is some paper and scissors. Remember, the art of making a successful paper airplane is balancing gravity, lift, drag and thrust! Need more help? Follow along with this video to learn how to make your airplane fly further! Ready to fly, commander?

#5. The Pen Stand Challenge 

Running in circles for those missing stationeries? Organize all your stationeries easily with your own unique ice-cream box stationery box. You’ll need some cardstock, pencil, glue, paper, and scissors. First, mark the measurements and cut along the lines to make a box from the cardstock. Next, draw a cup and cut it along to make the design of the ice cream box and stick it all together, and your stationery box is ready! For reference, check this out!