5 Tips on How to Make Reading a Habit (Especially in the very young)

The habit of reading is the gift that keeps on giving – for life! 

Depending on the age of your child, reading and sharing stories can help your child get to know sounds and words, develop literacy skills, spark imagination, stimulate curiosity, build a powerful vocabulary, learn more about the world around them – the list goes on and on.

Here’s a quick look at how you can inculcate this wonderful habit in your child in a way that not only sticks for life but becomes the source of unlimited joy.


Of course, every day comes with its own set of commitments, but if you make sure that you allocate even fifteen minutes every day to either telling a story (if your child is very young) or reading with them as the chapter unfolds, it can very soon go on to becoming an activity that they can take up on their own with their own initiative.


Make sure you approach reading with a positive attitude and excitement. And make sure your kid sees you when you do. Whether you love books, magazines, or graphic novels, let your child in on the positive vibe. Kids learn from what they observe. If you’re excited about reading, your child is likely to catch your enthusiasm.


This space needn’t be large or have a lot of bookshelves. It just needs to be available for when the desire to read hits and good lighting. It could even be a corner of the couch or a chair! Picking a comfy spot that has enough light and room to keep a book or two will definitely help your child connect reading with coziness and comfort.


The library is a wonderful place to discover books and writers for free. Old libraries also have an old-world charm about them that is very unique to this kind of institution. Introducing your kids to this will not only be packed with books, books, and more books – but will also create some beautiful memories.


So many popular movies for kids are inspired by books. How wonderful for your kid to know even more about their favorite characters on TV and in the film? Harry Potter’s friendship with Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger grew from so many fun adventures that unfortunately could not be covered in the movie for lack of time. Take your kids back into that magical realm so they can dig deeper. This is a hook that will never fail.

There are so many different ways that different kids fall in love with reading. What works for one kid might be re-reading their favorites. Another might want to know more about one particular world of fantasy or stream of science. And yet another may want to jump onto a new story every time they sit to read. If you’re looking for a course for your kid to read better, you won’t be disappointed with this!

We hope you find just the right formula for you and your family to share special stories together and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. Cheers!