4 Easy Exercises For Kids To Do At Home

Exercising at home with your kids is a great way to keep them fit and healthy. These 4 easy exercises for kids will challenge them while they’re having a blast!

To state an oft quoted line by the esteemed writer, Anonymous, “A healthy child is a happy child.”

All humor aside, it is never too early, nor too late, to start working towards being the healthiest you. But if we had to choose, we’d pick early. The earlier, the better!

Schools and sports can encourage physical activity in children. However, studies show that once kids grow older and move on from various institutions like school and college, their tendency to exercise regularly – drops drastically. It is imperative you make sure your kids are comfortable (and in the steady habit of) exercising regularly whether or not they have soccer practice or P.E. that week.

The most practical way to go about this is by

  • Making sure you set goals for them
  • Getting creative with the kinds of exercises you do
  • Making exercising a family priority, and
  • Leading by example (this is a big one!)

To help out with the second pointer on that list, we’ve got some fun exercises that you can do with your kids, right at home, while keeping it fun. We’ve also got some free resources to help you along your kids’ fitness journey!


When in doubt, dance it out.

While most kids aren’t disciplined or motivated enough to follow workout plans like adults do, lots of kids love dancing! Dancing is a fun way for kids to get some exercise at home. Putting on a dance routine or class for kids to follow can give them direction and help take some of the awkwardness away for beginners. In fact, one of our most popular courses on DIY teaches kids all about the history of hiphop and how to get moving to fun beats – one simple video at a time! Pssst.. All of Hip Hop 101 is free to access.


Let’s get it Om!

Yoga is an age-old art form that can help stretch your body, strengthen muscles, and aid overall body development. With the guidance of a trained instructor, kids can benefit greatly from yoga as their bodies develop. What makes yoga especially fun for kids is that the postures or asanas are often named after animals, insects, and objects. For example, the cat pose, cow pose, and spider pose always crack them up! Here’s a fun jungle themed yoga course that’s made specially for kids – Yoga Adventures.

Hula Hooping

Hoopin’ awayyyy

While hula-hoops might seem a little silly to grown ups, hooping actually uses a lot of core strength and requires flexibility. Exercising a little bit with your hoop everyday can go a long way! There are also many different ways to groove with your hoop apart from classic waist-hooping. Kids can also use their arms, legs and necks! Doesn’t that sound like a full body workout? Check out our free course Groove With Your Hoop to learn more about different techniques, pro tips, and fun moves for kids to try!


Try me.

We know you’re probably imagining a field right now and wondering how Soccer qualifies as an indoor activity. While we admit, playing Soccer in a team, on a field is very different, but practicing drills and kicks at home or in your yard can be a great way to brush up on your technique and get exercise everyday. Our course, Goal 1-2-3 teaches kids how to master the fundamentals, focus on drills, tactics, improving their game, and building their fitness!

Hope you liked our list of 4 easy exercises for kids! If you’re looking for more resources online, this might be a good time to tell you that on DIY, we offer kids how-to videos that they can watch for guidance on each of these forms of exercise. We also have live sessions on zoom everyday that are moderated and conducted by experts so kids can learn from instructors, in the presence of other kids from around the world!

We also have courses that teach kids about the importance of eating healthy and understanding nutrition and an in-depth look at how every day fitness can change your life.

Check out all our free courses by clicking on the links above! Remember, you will have to download the DIY app to access them, but even the sign up is free so, no worries!

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