5 Important Benefits Of Extracurricular Learning For Kids


A lot of things change with time. Yet, there are some things that don’t change at all. One of them is the fact that children need to have sufficient time for, well, being children. Yes, there are always parents around us who want their offspring to excel in academics and don’t care at all about extracurriculars. But this mentality doesn’t negate how children must indulge in non-academic pursuits. In other words, a balance is highly recommended by experts. 

Fortunately, at DIY, we are solely dedicated to becoming a one-point destination for extracurricular learning. This means we actively encourage young students to make the most of online classes (whichever discipline they are interested in) during this pandemic. And we are currently offering online learning for kids aged between 5 and 15 years. 

We are thoroughly convinced about the goodness of extracurricular pedagogy. And we do so because of the scientific backing – most child specialists agree that academics alone isn’t enough for a kid’s overall progress. Keeping these elements in mind, we have structured our curriculum (yoga, vocals, dance, reading, and chess) accordingly. 

Moreover, extracurricular is essential for your children for the following reasons –

Broadening horizons
When a kid pursues a discipline, the process helps build newer interests and passions in the long run. The desire to learn and know more progresses from one entity to another. It also helps the child develop focus and a much longer attention span. 

Drives self-esteem
It’s a universal truth that grades matter in school but a well-rounded personality matters much more. With extracurricular pursuits, a child gets an added platform to build their confidence, along with a knack to interact with other kids. When your kid knows that they are fairly good at something, it shows not only in their personal assessment but also in their social skills. 

Life skills
Just like academics prepare you for greater academics (primary school to secondary school, high school to college, etc.), extracurricular learnings help kids understand and apply time management, team spirit, gratitude, and problem-solving, among many other skills.

Accept results
Life is full of surprises and there is a greater chance of a child acknowledging this reality during an extracurricular routine than during a surprise quiz inside the classroom. Winning is important but losing with grace is equally important, and at the end of the day, participating is the most important part. 

Source of joy 
It’s imperative that as parents, you encourage your ward to seek something that will provide them happiness for a long, long time. And that’s precisely what extracurricular learning is all about. It not only keeps children engaged but also helps them commit to something they enjoy on their own. 

Double benefits
Last but not least. Parents who push their kids onto a single street called Academics but know that kids with extracurricular learning tend to apply their learnings from non-academics into their academics as well. How does this happen? Because, with increased brain function, kids tend to get creative in their studies as well. 

There are many reasons why extracurricular learning — which could be gauged through online courses for kids or even creative projects— is irreplaceable in the modern context. If you agree with our beliefs, do share this blog post with fellow parents.