5 Top Craft Ideas for Kids To Try

Been inside your house a bit too long and searching for easy fall craft ideas for kids to keep your kids occupied? We have got you! We know kids have a shorter attention span than adults. And they could easily get bored doing the same activities while your Zoom meeting runs longer and longer. The best solution is to find the best arts and crafts for children that can keep them occupied while having a whole lot of fun. What if we told you that the materials for these crafts for little kids could be found right in the comfort of your home? Awesome, right? We have curated some cool fall projects for kids that you should try with your kids. Let’s delve right into these October crafts for kids.

#1 Make a family tree

This is an awesome and simple arts and crafts for children. We are sure your kids are going to love learning all about their family, and the best way for them to do so would be by making a family tree. The simplest idea would be to draw the family tree on a piece of paper using sharpies, colors, or paint. You can check out this draw your family tree challenge for some guidance on how to draw one. To make these simple crafts for little kids a little bit more fun, you can use photographs of your family members. If you have older kids, and you are looking for elaborate crafts for older kids, you can make this a bit more complex and use thumbprints, buttons, and other knick-knacks instead of photographs. The more personalized they get, the more fun these simple arts and crafts for children become. These would be simple button crafts for kids if you are using buttons instead of photographs. You can simply stick them on paper or canvas. Try going big by making the family tree on a canvas and sewing the buttons on it. You can share your final results with us on this make your family tree challenge. We would love to see it.

#2 Make an Origami animals

Origami has always been one of the best paper projects for kids. It is super fun. Especially if your little ones love playing with paper. As you know, Origami is the ancient art of paper folding. You can find so many fall craft ideas for kids that use Origami. But, one of the simplest and most fun Origami paper projects for kids is always going to be the leaping frog. You can use actual Origami paper or any square piece of paper to make this Origami leaping frog. You can check out our make an Origami frog challenge to find out more about how to make one. Now, since Halloween is right around the corner, you can create even more paper projects for kids using Origami and adorn your walls. Don’t forget to show us the results in this Halloween wall decor challenge. If you are making more Origami paper projects for kids, share them with us in this learn to create with Origami challenge.

#3 Make a bookmark 

If your kid is a bookworm, then they would love these simple craft ideas for boys and girls. Making bookmarks is one of the easiest arts and crafts for 5 year olds. Even older kids would love making these fun paper projects for kids. Now, to make the simplest bookmark ever, you will need a piece of paper. It would be great if it is thicker than normal paper. You can cut it out according to your preference. The next thing to do would be to decorate that piece of paper. You can write quotes on it, draw with your sharpies, draw mandalas, doodles, or even draw elaborate paintings. Anything your heart wishes. There are more paper projects for kids in which you can make some super cute bookmarks. Your little ones can even paint some waves on the bookmark if they like. That would be one of the simplest ocean crafts for kids. Check out this make a cute bookmark challenge and learn how to make a cute bookmark. Or, you can even check out this make a hippo bookmark challenge to learn how to make a cute hippo bookmark. Want to make a more special bookmark? 
Learn how to make a fabric bookmark in this make a fabric bookmark challenge. That would be one of the most beautiful crafts for older kids. If you are looking to use plants and leaves in your bookmark, check out this make a plant bookmark challenge to learn how to make one. That would be one of the simplest leaf crafts for kids. Make a simple bookmark as part of your thanksgiving craft ideas for kids and gift them to your loved ones to show them how grateful you are to have them in your life. Design your own awesome bookmark and share the results with us in this design a bookmark challenge.

#4 Make a tissue box monster

We are pretty sure you have a few empty tissue boxes lying around in your house that would be perfect for some tissue paper crafts for kids. And one of those crafts would be to make a tissue box monster. It is one of the many easy fall crafts for kids. Check out this make a tissue box monster challenge to learn how to make one. For these kinds of fall art projects for kids, you will need a tissue box, acrylic paint, card stock, sharpies, and scissors. To begin this simple fall crafts for kids, you would need to remove the inner film from the tissue box. , Next, cut out the mouth of the tissue box in any way you prefer. Paint the tissue box in the colors you like and stick googly eyes or eyes made out of cardstock to give it more character. If you are looking for Star Wars crafts for kids, you can even draw different Star Wars characters on the tissue box. Likewise, if you are looking for Xmas crafts for kids, try decorating the tissue box with stars and other Christmas ornaments. If you are looking to try more tissue paper crafts for kids, you can check out this tissue paper craft challenge.

#5 Make a bracelet

Another simple and fun arts and crafts for children would be making bracelets. They can be made from paper, thread, yarn, and many more materials. Bracelets are one of the best gifts for Friendship Day. Let your kid design a friendship bracelet for their BFF and share the results in this make a friendship bracelet challenge. If you are making a simple paper bracelet, you will need 16 – 22 paper strips that are 1:4 in the ratio (length). To begin, you fold all the strips of paper. First, fold the shorter side in half and then fold the longer side in half. Next, take two folded strips and slip one of them inside another folded strip. Fold one-half of the tail of the inside strip at a right angle and fold it up on top of the outer strip. Turn it over and do the same to the other side. After that, add a new folded strip through the loop you just made and repeat the earlier process again to create another loop. Keep adding more and more strips until you have made the bracelet big enough for a hand. Just slot the first strip to the last loop to complete your bracelet by folding in the same way as earlier. Your bracelet is ready! You can even learn how to make a yarn bracelet from this make a yarn bracelet challenge. Or, you can add some bling to the bracelets by trying out our make a fabric hacker bracelet challenge. One of the simplest Native American crafts for kids is to make a Native American wrap bracelet. Create one and share the results with us in this create a bracelet challenge

Now, we know these are just five craft ideas that your kids can try. But, we have got a lot more fun arts and crafts for children in our challenges section on our website that you should definitely check out. If you are looking for some elaborate arts and crafts for children that you can do with your kids in your backyard, try out this build a bird feeder challenge, which is part of our bird feeder craft for kids. Or you can try out this make a boat challenge if you are looking for boat craft for kids. You can also make a sculpture for your backyard from this make a clay sculpture challenge, which makes for perfect clay crafts for kids. If you are doing an outdoor garden project, make sure to share it with us in this plant an outdoor garden challenge. We have you covered whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor arts and crafts for children. And we know you will have an awesome time doing these crafts with your little ones. Make sure to do all of them and share them with us in our different challenges. 

Happy DIYing!