7 Educational And Virtual Activities For Kids

Your kid’s school life might look a lot different these days with all the online classes for kids. Online learning for kids needn’t be boring. There are multiple virtual activities for kids and online kids class that you can do to keep them occupied and having fun. You can find a lot of fun games for kids online and learning videos for kids that you can find while searching the internet. But, it would be difficult to judge what would be ideal for kids. We have taken it upon ourselves to help you. We have curated a list of educational and virtual activities that would be best for your kids. These learning kids games will help them have fun with their friends virtually. Let’s delve right into these children’s games online. 

#1 Learn a new language

This is the best time to learn a new language. They say that the brain system that is in charge of learning new languages has an accelerated growth from the age of six to puberty. So if you are searching for a Spanish class online for kids, now would be the best time for the same. Let your kids learn new languages like Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, ASL, etc. from the different learning sites for kids. There are a lot of online puzzle games for kids that help in learning a new language through puzzles. Introducing your child to American Sign Language is also a good thing. Check out our introduce yourself in American Sign Language challenge and show us what you have learned. Have your kids learned how to greet in a new language, share it with us in the ‘learn a greeting in another language challenge’. The best way to learn new languages is also by singing songs in that language. Show us your skills in this sing a song in new language challenge. Now, if you and your kids are feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at creating a language of your own? Share it with us in this create a new language challenge

#2 Have a virtual playdate

We know you might be searching for a lot of online educational games for kids. But, have you tried a virtual play date for your kids with their BFFs? You can use Zoom or any other video conferencing application and let your kids play different zoom games for kids. Yes, there are a lot of fun zoom games for kids that your kids can play with their BFFs on Zoom. I spy, Freeze dance, Rock paper scissors, Simon says, 20 questions, etc. are a few fun zoom games for kids. Virtual Bingo can also be played together on Zoom with multiple players. You can get free bingo cards from kids game sites for free and use them to play. If your kids love playing chess with their friends, you can try out this play a game of chess challenge and see who wins. We know the game Among Us is popular among the little ones. Your kids can play a game of Among Us with their friends with your permission. Share with us the results in this play Among Us challenge. We are sure these are multiplayer games kids would love.

#3 Play board games and puzzles

Another fun activity to keep your kids occupied are puzzle games for kids. There are a lot of online puzzle games for kids. But, you can also get a lot of board games and puzzles that can be played offline with your kids at home. Rubik’s cube, Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Scrabble, Jenga, etc. are some fun board games and puzzles that kids love playing. Check out solve 1 face of Rubik’s cube challenge and share the results. We would love to see them. You can make your own board games from scratch and use the results in this build a game from scrap challenge. There are also a lot of fun puzzle games for kids to play online. You can find a lot of Word search games, Jigsaw puzzles, Memory games, and many more online games for kids. Since these are online games for kids, make sure that parental supervision is there. If these are multiplayer games for kids online, let your kids understand the risk of playing with strangers. These online puzzle games for kids would be interactive games for kids. You can make your own interactive game on Scratch. Show us the results in this make an interactive game on Scratch challenge.  Try your hand at making your own board game and share the results with us in this make a board game challenge. You will need a piece of cardboard, and an arrangement of playing cards for this. 

#4 Make fun arts and crafts 

Kids love doing fun arts and crafts activities. What if they were fun art and craft games? That would be much more fun. There are a lot of fun kids coloring games and virtual games for kids. You can create fun kids crafts with paper plates and use them to play different games. You can also get some fun kids art subscription boxes if you prefer. Another activity would be to make a soapbox car and have fun playing with them and see which one wins. You can make these fun car games for kids by making those soapbox cars from this make a soap box car challenge. You can also design a fun card game with your kids and share the results in this design a card game challenge. You can find a lot of virtual games for kids that would involve arts and crafts. These would be fun activities that we are sure your kids would love doing. 

#5 Learn music and musical instruments

Another activity that kids would love doing is learning music and new musical instruments. There are a lot of virtual classes for kids these days that you can find online where they can learn music. Learning music is actually good for kids. It improves their memory skills and math skills, improves coordination, teaches perseverance, and also gives them a sense of achievement. This is an activity that teens would love the best, and there are a lot of online classes for teens where they can learn new musical instruments. Make a dance music video and share it with us in this make a dance music video challenge. If you are looking for games related to music, you can find music trivia games and memory games for kids online. We also have a music genre trivia challenge that you should try. We also have a use music in a story challenge that you should try. Check out more challenges related to music here and share the results with us.

#6 Do a virtual scavenger hunt

A fun activity that kids would love to do virtually with their friends would be an online scavenger hunt. You can create an online maze for kids for this. Or you can make it one of the virtual activities for kids to try with their friends while on a video call. Create a subject for this virtual scavenger hunt. And let the kids go search the house in a set time for the item related to this subject. After they find the item, let them make a story out of this and share the results with us in this make a story game challenge. You can also create prompts for their stories. Check out our create a story prompt challenge for more ideas regarding the same. You can add your own twist by asking the next person to continue the story. You can also do a real scavenger hunt or treasure hunt with your kids in your own home. Check out this go scavenging for free stuff challenge and share your results with us. If your kids love playing with bugs check out this fun let’s go bug hunting challenge and share with us, the story. We love hearing stories from little ones. 

These are some fun virtual activities for kids that we know your kids are going to love doing. Don’t forget to try all of these virtual activities for kids and share the results with us. You can find a lot of fun activities in our challenges that you can try as part of educational and virtual activities for kids. You can also try out different games for kids on computer to keep them occupied. These educational and virtual activities for kids are fun and also a good time for you to bond with. These activities help your kids develop fine motor skills, memory skills, math skills, improve their creativity, etc. Other educational activities that are fun for kids would be learning magic tricks, learning yoga, karaoke, virtual art classes, read-aloud sessions, or forming virtual book clubs, etc. Check out our courses if you are looking for more fun virtual activities for kids to learn. We are sure you will have fun learning. 

Happy learning!