6 Interesting Fun Brain And Memory Games For Kids

Getting your kids to be involved in activities that are not watching cartoons or playing video games after their school time might be the hardest part of your evenings as a parent. But we are here to tell you that learning and brain development need not be boring. There are a lot of offline and online educational games for kids that we know kids would love playing. These interactive games for kids are super fun and the best to help you bond with them. Also, did you know that there are a lot of such memory games for kids online and offline that help to develop kid’s brains and increase their memory skills? Isn’t that just awesome? We have curated a list of fun games that kids would love. And these games for kids to play online and offline will help develop their cognitive skills. Let us check them out without further ado.

#1 Maze games

Offline and online maze for kids is awesome for improving the cognitive skills of little kids. Solving these interactive games for kids helps kids think, reason, remember, sharpen their memory, build focus, and increase concentration levels. There are a lot of game websites for kids where you can find a lot of fun games for kids online that have mazes for them to solve. You can also find these maze multiplayer games kids would love playing in activity books. Tracing the path in mazes help your kids improve their hand-eye coordination. These virtual games for kids also help them improve their problem-solving skills by making them think about possible outcomes. If you want to do something out of the box, check out our ‘Create and test an animal maze’ challenge and share the results with us. We are sure it will be a bonding time for your kids, their pets, and you.

#2 Word games

Word games are known to be one of the best brain and memory games for kids. There are numerous children’s games online and offline like I Spy, Bingo, Scrabble, Unscramble Words, Hangman, Word Search, Crosswords, etc. that are awesome word games that kids love playing. Word games are perfect learning games for 5th graders and above. You can play these word games with your kids for family game nights. During this time of social distancing, your kids can play these with their friends over video conferencing tools as part of virtual activities for kids. Word games also make for fun zoom games for kids. These interactive games for kids help them increase their vocabulary, improve their spelling, improve their memory, improve their concentration skills, and improve their creativity, improve their problem-solving capabilities, etc. If you are up for it, you could invent a word game and share it with us in this ‘Invent a word game’ challenge. Check out this ‘Use a game to make art’ challenge to put your creative twist to word games.


#3 Math games

Most of the time, kids find math boring. But, math needn’t be boring when there are so many fun math games for kids. What are some fun math games for kids? They include Number String, Prodigy, Simon Says ‘Geometry’, Hopscotch Math, Bouncing Sums, Straw Poll, Sudoku, etc. Let’s take Hopscotch Math for example. It is one of the most fun math games for kids and all you need is chalk, a pebble, and a flat surface for this game. Using the chalk, you draw hopscotch on the ground and number it 1-9 to resemble a calculator, and then you play. There are a lot of online math games for kids that you can find on different learning sites for kids. You can also find a lot of online tutorials for kids that help in learning fun math games for kids. Create a probability game on your own and share it with us in this ‘Design a probability game’ challenge. What about a math trick? Teach us your favorite math trick in this ‘Teach a math trick’ challenge. While math games make math fun, they also help grasp mathematical principles easily, improve learning, develop strategic thinking, improve cognitive skills, etc.

#4 Puzzle games

Puzzle games for kids are awesome and fun games that help in improving brain power and memory in little kids. There are so many online puzzle games for kids available these days. But, the best puzzle games for kids still remain Jigsaw puzzles, Rebus puzzles, Crossword puzzles, Scrabble, etc. The best thing about puzzle games is that you can display the results on your walls just like you would be displaying kids’ artworks. Puzzle games for kids are best known for sharpening the spatial visual intelligence in little kids. They also sharpen memory, train hand, and eye coordination, sharpen your kid’s problem-solving skills, improve their fine motor skills, improve finger strength, and most important of all help them learn perseverance. You can design a puzzle and share it with us in this ‘Design a puzzle’ challenge. We would love to see what you can come up with.

#5 Science games

Yes, you read it right. DIY science experiments and cool experiments for kids also help improve their brain and memory skills. You can check out our previous blogs for some cool science experiments for kids to do at home and chemistry experiments for kids that kids love doing. Simple science experiments for kids and fun experiments for kids help increase your kid’s memory capacity, help improve strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, develop hand and eye coordination, helps in skill-building, and are also beneficial for kids who have attention disorders. These DIY science experiments also help in improving your kid’s cognitive skills and fine motor skills. So, a win-win for everyone. If you are looking for cool chemistry experiments for kids, you should check out our challenges here. These challenges include a lot of fun and easy experiments for kids. We are sure your kids will love doing these fun science projects for kids at home with you. It is also a good time to bond with your kids. If you have a science trick up your sleeve, share it with us in this ‘Perform a science trick’ challenge, we would love to see it!

#6 Board games

Board games are awesome at helping increase brain and memory skills. These fun learning kids games help in giving them opportunities for early learning, boost their language skills and social skills, sharpen your kid’s focus, and also help teach your kids about teamwork. There are a lot of such multiplayer games for kids online and offline like Monopoly, Blocks, Scrabble, Chess, Twister, etc. These are the best learning games for 5 year olds and above. If you want to teach your kids about money, board games are the best for this. There are a lot of money games for kids online and offline like The Allowance Game, Exact Change Card game, Monopoly, Cash Flow for Kids, Money Matters, Ice cream Empire, etc. You can also find a lot of board games available as browser games for kids and online games for kids

these days. If you would like to create your own board game, try your hand at it and share the results with us in this ‘Create your own board game’ challenge

We hope you try out all of these interactive games for kids that we have listed above and have fun learning. If you are looking for more fun online educational games for kids or puzzle games for kids, feel free to check out our challenges. We have a lot of cool DIY science experiments and virtual games for kids that we are sure your little ones would love playing after their school time. You can also check out music games if you are up for it. You can check out our challenges related to music here. Music games also help make things more fun while improving your kid’s brain and memory skills. Here is a fun challenge that you should try out. It is called ‘Experiment with a musical instrument’ challenge. We would love to see the results and hope you have fun trying out all these games with your little ones.

Also, there are some things you need to remember while playing these interactive games for kids. First thing is that you will need to be patient with your kids. There is always going to be a learning curve. Second, to make these interactive games for kids more fun, include more participants. And finally, always participate with your kids in all of these games. We know it would be highly tempting to let them play on their own. However, these games will not only help you bond with them but also help you see how your kid is improving their brain and memory skills with each game. Check out the different courses we have available to find more of these interactive games for kids that we are sure you will love playing with your kids.

Have fun playing!