5 Easy Fall Kids Crafts That Anyone Can Make!

Fall is here! 

Time for some cooler weather, bright-colored leaves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween costumes, and much more. While it would be fun to go outside and play around in some leaves or go trick or treating with your kids, it is also going to be fun being indoors doing all sorts of art and crafts for children with them. If you have been trying to come up with easy fall crafts for kids or trying to search for fun fall art projects for kids, then you have come to the right place. We have some super cool and fun fall craft ideas for kids that we are sure your kids are going to love making! And the most exciting part? You don’t need to go looking for a lot of materials for these fun fall crafts for kids. We are sure you can find most of the materials you need at home itself. We want to make these fall projects for kids a fun bonding activity for you and your kids. So without further ado, let’s delve into these super easy craft ideas for boys and girls.

#1 Make Jack O’ Lanterns

The fall season is synonymous with Halloween. And one of the easiest and best fall projects for kids during Halloween would definitely be making Jack O’ Lanterns. You can make these Jack O’ Lanterns using anything. Pumpkins? Of course, but that’s not all. There are a lot of fun paper projects for kids that involve making super cool Jack O’ Lanterns without pumpkins too. You can make beautiful Jack O Lanterns using paper plates. Paint some Mason Jars and put some light in them in the dark, and they become beautiful lanterns as well. You can also make Jack O’ Lanterns out of paper bags. These are super easy paper bag crafts for kids and crafts for little kids that they would love making and will also keep them occupied for a long time. You can even make lanterns out of pepper. Check out this pepper o lantern challenge to find out more. Or, you can paint some paper cups and light them up in the dark to make some beautiful lanterns. For these kinds of simple paper projects for kids, you would need paper cups, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, sharpies, and some LED lights. First, paint the paper cups with orange acrylic paint. Once it dries, use your sharpie to draw a Jack O Lantern face on the paper cup. Next, keep the LED lights under the paper cups and light them up. Your Jack O Lantern is ready! Remember to try them out at night to see how beautifully they light up.

#2 Decorate your walls

Wall hangings are super fun fall decor items that you can make as part of your October crafts for kids. Try out leaf wall art as part of easy fall crafts for kids and leaf crafts for kids. All you need is a stick and some dry leaves and feathers and thread. Tie the dry leaves and feathers to the stick at varying heights using a thread. It is one of the simplest crafts for little kids. You can also try crafts for older kids such as making ghost macramé danglers. For these Halloween-themed danglers, you will need white yarn, an embroidery ring, felt or paper (black), and scissors. Check out our Make a Ghost Macramé Dangler Challenge to see how you can go about making one. It is pretty self-explanatory. Another easy and cheap crafts for kids would be making a spider cobweb as part of Halloween crafts. You can check out this make a spider cobweb challenge to know more. Just like the Macramé dangler, you will need embroidery rings, black yarn or string, black paper or felt, and glue for these crafts for little kids. Make these wall hangings and share them with us in this Decorate a Wall Challenge. You can also check out this Halloween Wall Decor Challenge to check out how to make cute little Halloween ghosts out of felt and string them.

#3 Make some dreamcatchers

Any October crafts for kids simply have to include fun fall decor items. And dreamcatchers would be an ideal match. They are some super cool Native American crafts for kids. Your little ones could start with making unicorn dreamcatchers, though. Check out our Make a Unicorn Dreamcatcher Challenge to know more about how to make it. For such arts and crafts for 5 year olds, you will need cardboard, scissors, glue, felt, yarn, and glitter paper. If you would prefer to make a fall-inspired dreamcatcher for your easy fall crafts for kids, you will first need to gather some of the required materials. You will need some feathers, leaves, yarn or thread, embroidery hoops or rings, and other materials you want to add to your dreamcatcher. You can either use an embroidery ring or weave a wreath from a tree branch to make it more natural. Next, you will need to weave the string around this embroidery ring or wreath. Tie a knot on the ring and tie more knots a couple of inches away. You need to make about six to eight knots on the ring, depending on the radius of your ring. Continue the pattern and tie the long piece of string to the center of the knots you made earlier. Once you have finished weaving, you can add the leaves and feathers to your ring using strings at varying heights to make it look beautiful. That’s it! Your dreamcatcher is ready! As we have said before making dream catchers are crafts for older kids that they particularly enjoy. Try it and let us know!

#4 Make spooky scarecrow Halloween decor

If you are looking to make some super cool Halloween decor, try your hand at scarecrow crafts for kids. You can make these fall art projects for kids using simple materials. For example, you can make a scarecrow out of mason jars by painting a face on them. Another idea is to draw some figures and stick them on popsicle sticks, to make some fun scarecrows that kids can play with for a long time. Of course, the classic scarecrow Halloween decor would be to make an actual scarecrow. To do that you will need to stuff an overall and flannel shirt with a straw. But, if you are going digital, you can check out our design a funky scarecrow challenge to see how to draw a scarecrow digitally too. You can also make scarecrows as part of tissue paper crafts for kids. It is super simple. Get some finished tissue paper rolls or toilet paper rolls and use that as the body of the scarecrow. Paint some super cute outfits on the roll. Make a simple paper hat for the scarecrow and add in some bits or pieces of paper as the hair — and your scarecrow is ready. These are some simple and easy fall crafts for kids that we are sure kids will love making!

#5 Make clay crafts for kids

There are a lot of clay crafts for kids that you can make as part of October crafts for kids. You can check out this make your own clay challenge and have fun with clay challenge to find out how to make your own clay. Check out how to make a ceramic clay structure in this ceramic clay structure challenge. You can also make simple owl crafts for kids and easy kids crafts toys using clay. Now, since it is fall, and you are looking for fall art projects for kids, you can make clay leaf bowls. You will need a big enough leaf for this fun project of fall crafts for kids. You will also need air-dry clay, a rolling pin, paint, and baking paper. First, you need to roll out your clay into a 5 mm thick sheet. Next, you will need to put the leaf on this rolled-out sheet, vein side down, and roll the pin on top of it. Make sure that the imprint of the leaf is formed on the clay. Cut out the leaf shape and put it on the baking paper and place it on a bowl to give the shape of a bowl. Once the clay is properly dry, you can sand it and paint it in your favorite color. Make a few clay leaf bowls with your kids as part of your fall art projects for kids, and use them as home decor to store little knick-knacks the whole year-round.

We hope you enjoy making these simple and easy fall crafts for kids with your kids. You can check out our challenges to see more projects related to fall and Halloween. The best thing is to bond with your kids while making these fall projects for kids and have fun learning new things. Check out our blog for more fun projects related to arts and crafts for children. You can also check out different courses on our website. We are sure you will have fun while trying all these challenges and courses. 

Happy DIYing, and Happy Fall!