8 Nature-Inspired Art And Crafts For Kids

Kids are always curious. Curiosity gives them the desire to learn. Arts and crafts for kids at home provide the perfect solution for satisfying kids’ curiosity. You can find a lot of children’s science experiments and creative art and craft ideas for kids on the internet that you can do at home. Doing hands-on DIY ideas for kids with them is fun, engaging, and also helps kids learn skills faster. We have curated some nature-inspired creative art and craft ideas for kids that would help you in your search for engaging activities that you can do with your kids at home. Feel free to try out all of these DIY ideas for kids.

#1 Create some wall hangings

Wall hangings are one of the best art crafts for kids. These would be the best wall decors for their rooms too. There are a lot of nature-inspired wall decors that are fun arts and crafts for kids. You can go hunting for sticks, leaves, and feathers with your kids in your backyard. Get some thread and hang these souvenirs you and your kids collect on a long stick. What better way to do this hanging kids art? Check out this ‘Decorate a wall’ challenge and share what you have created from these souvenirs you collected. While you are at it, try out this ‘Make a Lion wall hanging’ challenge and ‘Halloween wall decor’ challenge. We are sure you will love doing them. 

#2 Create some stick-based nature crafts

Sticks are an awesome material to create many different cool art projects for kids. Forage for some sticks in your backyard and make some easy wood projects for kids.  As part of DIY wood projects for kids. Why don’t you try making stick figurines? If your kids are into magic and fairies, you can even make stick fairies. Just gather some leaves along with the sticks and this simple woodcraft for kids is ready to be made. You can stick those leaves to the sides of a stick to act as the wings of fairies and draw some faces on the stick to make a simple but magical stick fairy. If you want to go a notch higher, try making a house out of sticks. Check out this ‘Build a stick fort challenge to know more. Interested in making a rain stick? Try out this ‘Make a rain stick and play it’ challenge. Try making a tower out of your sticks by following this ‘Build something super tall with popsicle sticks’ challenge. You can use the sticks you gathered instead of popsicle sticks. You can also make stick people, stick alphabets, spider webs, stick butterflies, and more using sticks.

#3 Create some dreamcatchers

Creating a dreamcatcher is one of the best craft ideas for teenage girls and boys. You see, teenagers would love to do a bit more sophisticated and fun DIY crafts and dreamcatchers fit the bill perfectly. You can use embroidery hoops, brass rings, plastic rings, bracelets, etc. as your hoop/circle. Forage your backyard to collect twigs, tender branches, feathers, and leaves to create this woodcraft for kids. Tie the tender branches around the hoop using a thread. Lace the yarn/thread inside the hoop to make the web. Hang the feathers and leaves to finish, and your dreamcatcher is ready! Check out this ‘Make a unicorn dreamcatcher’ challenge if you are planning to make a unicorn dreamcatcher. Decorate your house using the dreamcatchers you have made and share them with us in this ‘Decorate your house’ challenge

#4 Create some nature art

If you are looking for Earth Day projects for kids, the easiest option is to create nature-inspired art. Try your hand at a mud collage. Mix some mud and put it on a canvas of your choice. Collect some nature elements from around your backyard, and add these to make these simple and cool art projects for kids. You can also make clay projects for kids inspired by nature and paint them for these earth day projects. If your kids are into cartoon-based princesses, you can use natural elements to make art. Get a canvas and draw the upper part of the princess. For the dress and bottom part of the princess, use flower petals and other natural elements to create one of the simplest art and craft ideas for girls and boys. This is also one of the simplest fairy garden ideas for kids. You should also check out our ‘Make living art with Moss’ challenge for more nature art ideas. Also, check out this ‘Paint flowers with oil pastels and watercolors’ challenge and ‘Paint feathers using watercolor’ challenge

#5 Create some leaf crafts

You can find leaves all over your backyard if you have trees nearby. Leaves are one of the easiest materials for fall craft ideas for kids. Are you looking to create a family tree for kid’s project? Get some leaves and use them to make a family tree on a canvas. Pretty decent idea, right? You can also create some beautiful creatures using leaves. Get a canvas for this cool art projects for kids. You will also need some green leaves of almost similar shapes. Line them up and stick them on the canvas in the shape of a caterpillar. Add the head and tail end using different leaves. Draw the eyes, and you have a caterpillar art made from leaves. You can also create robots and any other creatures you and your kids wish to create. Or, you can also create a snake with a round leaf. Don’t forget to share the results with us in this ‘Paint a fantasy creature’ challenge. You can also try your hand at sewing crafts for kids using leaves.  

#6 Create some wooden stamps

Nature-inspired arts and crafts for kids at home are incomplete without wood crafts for kids. And one of the easiest woodworking projects for kids is creating stamps from wood for stamping time. Your kids will need your help in creating the stamps from wood. You can create beautiful patterns for the stamps including all sorts of textures, simple designs, patterns, alphabets, and much more on wood for stamps. We have a ‘Make a stamp’ challenge to help you understand how to create a stamp. Here is the ‘Stamp painting time’ challenge where you can post the results of the stamp painting that you have done. You can also check out more DIY wood projects for kids in our challenges. 

#7 Create some rock art

Rock painting ideas for kids are one of the best nature-inspired arts and crafts for kids at home. You can go foraging for rocks of different sizes in your backyard and clean them so that they are ready to be painted on for your crafts for one-year-olds and above. You can check out this ‘Learn to paint a rock’ challenge to find out how to paint a rock. If you are looking for drawing some rocks, you can check out the ‘Draw a rock’ challenge. You can draw some themes on the rock to create a rock collection. Some themes you can try are space, flower, bees, watermelon, strawberry, hedgehog, etc. Create a rock collection and share it with us in this ‘Start a rock collection’ challenge. We would love to see your rock collection. You can use these rock painting ideas for kids to create cat crafts for kids and other craft ideas for kids. Decorate your house with these hand-painted rocks and show us the results in this ‘Decorate your house’ challenge.

#8 Create some shell crafts

When you go to the beach, collect some shells. Bring them back to your home with you, and you and your kids can create some cool art projects for kids. You can create a wreath using seashells. You can also try creating a photo frame using shells. Check this ‘Come out of your shell’ challenge to know more. You will need cardboard, some heavy yarn/thread, some shells, and glue. You can cut out the cardboard in the shape you want. Stick the thread on the cardboard according to your preference. You can add shells to this to make it more fun. This is one of the simplest cardboard projects for kids. Try your hand at creating simple shell bracelets and share the results in this ‘Create a bracelet’ challenge. We would love to see what you can come up with.  

We hope that you will try out all the above nature-inspired arts and crafts for kids at home. These DIY ideas for kids will help improve their fine motor skills and cognitive skills. In other words, these cool art projects for kids help kids gain problem-solving skills, retain information, improve brain functions like thinking, learning, and more. All while having fun. A win-win situation for everyone involved. Don’t forget to share the results of these super cool DIY ideas for kids in the different challenges we have here. You should also try out some cool courses we have here

Happy DIYing!