10 Simple Woodcraft Projects For Kids

Learning life skills like planning, crafting, and building something is important in one’s life. Especially at a young age. What if this entire process of teaching life skills to your kids was going to be a fun journey with your kids rather than a tedious job? It would be awesome, right?

We have curated some fun and creative art and craft ideas for kids that will help them learn these life skills. These woodworking projects for kids are kid-friendly, and simple enough for beginners. To add to that, these DIY wood projects for kids would provide them with a sense of accomplishment and joy while they bond with your kids.

#1 Create a photo frame

Most kids are fascinated by photography. One of the simplest craft ideas for girls and boys would be making a photo frame. Making a photo frame would be an ideal woodcraft for kids. If you do not know how to make a photo studio, check out this ‘Build a photo studio’ challenge and create a photo studio first with your kids. After that, you can click pictures with your kids. Try this ‘Take a landscape photo featuring wildlife’ challenge out too! This would be one of the fun DIY ideas for kids that your kid will enjoy for sure. You can use wood, cardboard, and other materials to create photo frames based on your required dimensions. You can also check out our ‘Create a color palette from a photo’ challenge and many more challenges related to photography here.

#2 Create a stamp

Another wood crafts for kids that are super fun would be to create stamps. Kids love stamping away to glory. Whether you are searching for crafts for five-year-olds or if you are searching for crafts for 12 year olds, stamping is one activity all kids would love doing. These fun arts and crafts for kids at home activities can also result in beautiful gift wrapping paper. Check out this ‘Create a gift wrap with potato stamp’ challenge. You can use the wooden stamp that you created instead of the potato stamp. To learn how to create a wooden stamp, check out this ‘Create a stamp’ challenge. Don’t forget to share the results with us. We would love to see the cute or creative stamps you and your kids make.

#3 Create a pet house

Creating a pet house is one of those easy wood projects for kids that is extremely fulfilling too. We know all kids love pets. And we are sure you might have a dog, or a cat, or a bird in your home. If your pet is a cat, check out this ‘Build a cute cat house’ challenge as part of cat crafts for kids. Also, check out this ‘Build a pet house’ challenge. Your kids will love creating these pet houses for their pets. If you do not have a pet, you can still create a bird feeder. It would be fun woodworking for kids. You can also use different materials to create bird feeders. Check out this ‘Build a bird feeder’ challenge to find out more about how to build one that will attract all the birds to your garden or backyard.

#4 Create wooden robots

If you are looking for wooden engineering projects for kids, creating a wooden robot would be an awesome activity. You can also submit these wooden robots as part of children’s science experiments and much more. To create a robotic device, check out this ‘Build a robotic device’ challenge first. To create these wooden robots as part of fun DIY crafts, you will need an assortment of wooden blocks that will be the head, limbs, and body of the robot. You will also need wood glue, drill, heavy-duty string, wood-burning pen, etc. Create these fun arts and crafts for kids and share them with us. We would love to see them.

#5 Create a catapult

Another one of the most creative art and craft ideas for kids is to create a catapult. Kids love playing with catapults. Launching things to a far distance using a catapult is one of the most fun DIY ideas for kids. Building a catapult is also another one of those children’s science experiments that can teach them how levers work. Check out this ‘Build a catapult’ challenge to find out how to build a catapult. Check out this ‘Build a catapult to launch an object super far’ challenge to launch objects with more acceleration. You can also create simple catapults using craft sticks or popsicle sticks and elastic.

#6 Create a wooden box

Another art crafts for kids would be to create a storage bin for your kid’s toys. Let your kids be involved in this DIY wood project for kids. This will give them a sense of accomplishment, and we are sure they would love to see their DIY creation being used regularly. You can also create a wooden box as part of fairy garden ideas for kids. Check out this ‘Build a wooden box’ challenge to figure out how to create a wooden box. You can use these wooden boxes to store your kid’s toys or use them as a bookshelf, and much more. Take it up a notch by doing some painting on the wooden boxes you create, and that itself would be fun arts and crafts for kids. You can also check out this ‘Build a disappearing box’ challenge for more ideas.

#7 Create a bookshelf

If you are searching for some cool art projects for kids related to books, this one is for you. If you and your kids love books, create a wooden bookshelf and paint it. To create a simple bookshelf as part of your fall craft ideas for kids this October, you will need some flat rectangle-shaped wooden pieces, wood glue, clamps, nails, paint, wood filler, etc. Check out how to build a shelf in this ‘Build a shelf’ challenge. Don’t forget to share the bookshelf you built with us. You can paint the bookshelf you create to make it look awesome. You can also create a bookshelf out of cardboard as part of cardboard crafts for kids.

#8 Create wind chimes

Wind chimes are beautiful and fun DIY crafts for kids. You can create wind chimes out of different materials. Some of them include bottle caps, wood, popsicle sticks, old keys, paper cups, etc. To create the simplest wind chime using wood for your fun arts and crafts for kids, all you will need is a twig where you can hang your wooden pieces using strings. You should also check out this ‘Build a wind turbine’ challenge. This is another fun hanging kids’ art project. Create some fun wind chimes and wind turbines and share them with us. We would love to see them.

#9 Create camping tents or teepees

A survival skill that you can teach your kids is how to make camping tents and teepees. It will be useful all their life if they love going camping. This is one of the best craft ideas for teenage girls and boys. The simplest tent you can create would be out of three wooden sticks and cloth. Check out this ‘Build a tipi/Teepee’ challenge. We are sure you will love making it. Don’t forget to share a picture with us in this ‘Post a pic’ challenge. You can also check out more camping-related challenges here.

#10 Create an address sign

One of the simplest go-to woodworking projects for kids would be creating an address sign. You can create this as part of fun arts and crafts for kids. You can use them for your home and your kid’s rooms. Check out this ‘How to make a custom sign for your door’ challenge and share the design you created for your address sign. These wood crafts for kids could contain any specific word you have in mind, or the name of your house, or the name of your kids, or anything else you would prefer. We would love to see what you come up with for this challenge. 

We hope you will check out all the above woodworking projects for kids and share the results with us in the different challenges we have on our website. You can check out more challenges here. When you bond with your kids over these woodworking projects for kids, your kids gain fine motor skills, perseverance, and focus. These fun DIY crafts and projects will help your kids learn more about wood and how to work with them. Your kids will also learn how to work as a team and practice sharing. These DIY wood projects for kids help them gain self-confidence, understand responsibility, and also grow to respect materials and safety. These woodworking projects for kids are sure to develop your kid’s creativity and critical thinking skills. We would be happy if you check out more such fun arts and crafts for kids we have shared on our website.

Check out the courses we have here. We are sure you and your kids will love them.

Have fun woodworking! Have fun DIYing!

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