DIY TV: The Most Awesome Shows For Kids – All On One Platform!

It’s finally here! Give a warm welcome to the latest addition to our awesome online playground for kids: The new DIY TV!

Through enriching, engaging, and entertaining shows that have been specially curated from all around the world, we want to make sure kids learn about cool new things but also find inspiration to create their own wonders. 

Every show has a fun set of challenges to take up along with guided how-to videos to help kids along on this journey of discovery. Once they’re done with the challenges, they can share their creations with other kids in the vast DIY community.

Here’s a quick look at the first set of shows on DIY TV today and what you can expect from this revolutionized way of consuming content!

#1. Gastro Blast: Learn About Science Through Food!

A hybrid food and science show where kids uncover extraordinary scientific principles in action. How? By preparing and cooking everyday foods! Learning about science never tasted so good.

#2. Darwin & Newts: An Adventurous, Problem-Solving Ride!

Join Darwin and Newts who, through their fantastic escapades, discover and experiment with early learning science and engineering principles, while exploring the natural wonders of New Zealand.

#3. Artrageous With Nate: Join Nate on an Artistic Quest!

Artrageous travels the globe showcasing creative geniuses from our past and today, the places that inspired them and that flourished today as hot spots of ingenuity.

#4. Busy Bodies: Get to Know the Human Body – One Episode at a Time!

The fearless trio Med, Evie, and Aidan are on a mission to uncover the weird and wonderful world of the Human Body! Get the real answers to those mysterious questions that we all have…but were too scared to ask!

#5. The Outsiders Club: Get Outside, Get Adventurous!

An exciting program starring kids who explore the great outdoors and model ways to pursue a healthier, more active, nature-connected lifestyle, where each episode features an outdoor adventure!

#6. Junk Rescue: Make Sustainability Fun!

Join the presenters and their team of Junkyard Helpers as they give day-to-day items and old junk a fun, practical new life in this inspiring kids’ craft show.

#7. Groom My Room: Kids Bring Their Dream Room to Life!

A reality series that sees kids turn their fantasy bedrooms into a reality while learning financial management! They will budget, shop, hire help and eventually create the room all by themselves! In three days@

#8. Pets In Paradise: Engaging Stories of Lovable Pets

This is a show that explores the relationship between humans and animals. The show consists of compelling stories of people and their pets, information about pet healthcare, tips on pet training, and much more.

#9. Fun Fact Factory: Fun Facts Told By Kids, For Kids!

A short-form animated explainer series to explore interesting trivia about the origins of our favorite foods, the way the world works, evolution, and lots more, through humor and simplicity.

#10. Dog Years: Learn Exciting Lessons With Dash!

A series about a pup named Dash, who shares stories about when he lived with Anna. It charts an exciting time when Dash grew out of his puppy years into his dog years.

#11. Siyaya Wildest Cape: Explore the Wonders of Nature!

Get ready to explore the mysteries of the natural world! Join the team as they explore caves, run wild rivers, abseil down mountain cliffs and investigate the world under the sea.

Talk about learning, sharing, AND making new friends? That sounds like a win-win!

If any of these pique your interest or you believe your kid would get a kick out of learning some of the new concepts these shows cover – do give them a try!

We’d love to see how your kid takes these ideas to the next level – and nothing brings us more joy than that.