8 Fun Thanksgiving Activities And Easy Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We know that while the parents are busy preparing a delicious Thanksgiving menu, the kids need activities to keep them engaged and happy. The internet is filled with a lot of 5-minute Thanksgiving crafts and other useful Thanksgiving crafts that can help keep your kids occupied. However, finding the best Thanksgiving kids crafts and activities for your kids could be like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we are here. We have curated the best Thanksgiving kids games, crafts, and activities that your kids would love to work on. These activities will keep them engaged and out of the kitchen while having fun at the same time. A win-win situation for everybody! 

#1 Make a thanksgiving tradition

What is thanksgiving without a family tradition? One of the best Thanksgiving kids activities you can start with is to create a family tradition that could last throughout generations. You can start with Thanksgiving kids songs and then move on to some other activities that you, your kids, and guests can all enjoy. You can share this tradition with us in this ‘Share a unique family tradition’ challenge. Since Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything, how about creating a book where everyone can write down what they are thankful for? You can check out how to create a book from this ‘Time for tiny Notebooks!’ challenge. If you want to use recycled materials to create the book, check out this ‘Make a book from recycled materials’ challenge. 

#2 Bake special thanksgiving cinnamon rolls

If your kids love baking and spending time in the kitchen with you, why not bake something special for this Thanksgiving? Baking is a lovely way to spend time together. Try your hand at this, ‘Make Heart-warming Thanksgiving Cinnamon Rolls!’ challenge. This challenge is for kids aged 10 to 15 and would be a fun Thanksgiving kids activity you can enjoy with your kids. You would need the Zoom application installed to take part in this challenge. For this challenge, you will need all-purpose flour, baking powder, cinnamon powder, brown sugar, butter, salt, castor sugar, milk. You will also need cream cheese, icing sugar, and vanilla extract for the frosting. Equipment required would be a bowl, spatula, measuring spoons, cleaning flat working surface, square tin/ muffin tin with liners, rolling pin, knife, and butter knife. Follow the instructions for this fun Thanksgiving kids activity when the challenge is up and share the results with us. You can also share the results with us in this ‘Bake a holiday treat’ challenge.

#3 Make a turkey piñata

A piñata is a decorated paper-mâché or cardboard container that contains goodies like sweets, toys, fruits, and nuts. It is part of a popular party game in Mexico and can be one of the fun Thanksgiving crafts to make. This will be one of the best Thanksgiving kids games, and they can try to break the piñata while blindfolded. Trust us, kids would love to do this! Now, to make this DIY craft for kids, you can check out this ‘make a piñata’ challenge. For this fun DIY for kids challenge, you will need paper-mâché paste, 1-2” strips of newspaper or packing paper, tape, 3 water balloons per piñata, 2 small styrofoam eggs per piñata, scissors, a box cutter, a sponge brush, a paintbrush, one paper straw per piñata, a paint palette, and acrylic paint. To create a piñata, you will first need to blow up one of the balloons to full size and the other two to about half the size of the first one. The paper straws need to be cut into four 1-inch pieces and then you need to tape two of these pieces to the smaller balloons. To these, tape the styrofoam eggs so that they become the legs of the turkey. Now stick these to the sides of the bigger balloon to become the turkey. Take a strip of newspaper and coat it with paper-mâché paste and smooth it over the balloon. Continue to do so till the whole ‘turkey’ is covered. Allow this to dry overnight and cover it again with another layer of newspaper strips that are coated with the paper-mâché paste. Once this is dry, use the box cutter to create a door to make a door to fill the piñata with goodies and confetti. Paint the body of the ‘turkey’ using acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry and then fill your piñata with goodies. Your piñata is ready! Make sure to share the results with us.    

#4 Paint rocks

Have you heard of positivity rocks? This is a simple and easy kids’ art activity. For this easy art project for kids, all you will need is to find some rocks in your backyard. You can go scavenging for them with your kids. And then you can paint something inspiring and cheerful on these rocks with your kids. Try to find some thick, smooth, and flat rocks for this kid’s art activity. You can check out this ‘Learn to make your own positivity rocks’ challenge. To make this into a Thanksgiving activity for kids, you can paint ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ or ‘Give thanks’ on the rocks. Show us what you have painted in this ‘Learn to paint a rock’ challenge. 

#5 Make pompom turkeys

Thanksgiving is one of the best times to come up with some art projects for kids. Creating pompom turkeys is a fun craft idea for kids. And it will be fun decor to hang in your house during the holidays. All you need to create a cute pompom Turkey is yarn, felt, and some feathers. Create two pom-poms. A big one and a small one. Attach them together and then add googly eyes and a beak and tongue using felt. You can also use pipe cleaners to create tiny legs for the turkey. And voilà, your pompom turkey is ready! Now, how about sharing your pompom turkey with us in this ‘How to make pom poms – DIY’ challenge? 

#6 Make a Thanksgiving tree 

One of the best ways to teach kids about being thankful for everything they have is by creating a Thanksgiving tree as part of art ideas for kids. You can check out this ‘How to draw a tree’ challenge to figure out how to draw a tree. For this cool art and craft idea for kids, you can draw the tree trunk and then stick leaves on the tree trunk. On the leaves, you can write down everything you are thankful for. This is a good way to teach kids words of gratitude. If your kid loves creating stories from their ideas, try creating a plant character for Thanksgiving. Share your results in this ‘Draw a plant or tree character’ challenge. 

#7 Create a popsicle gift box

Thanksgiving is a good time to teach kids the art of gift-giving, especially to give gifts to the ones they are thankful to. For this art and craft for kids, all you need is to create a gift box using popsicle sticks. Get your kids to make a popsicle stick gift box and write some words of gratitude inside the box to show how grateful they are to have that person in their life. Feel free to share the results with us in this ‘The popsicle gift box’ challenge. You can get as artistic and creative as you can with these easy crafts for kids. 

#8 Make a Thanksgiving leaf bowl

For this fun crafts idea for kids, you would need to go scavenging for good-looking leaves in your backyard. And you will need these loose leaves, Mod Podge, foam brush, balloon, and a bowl. It would look great if these leaves are fall leaves. To create this fun craft for kids, blow up the balloon and tie it and place it top down into the bowl. Spread the Mod Podge on the balloon till you have covered around ¼ of the way down on the balloon. Now, one by one, apply the leaves to the Mod Podge and cover the area you want for your bowl. Let it dry for a couple of hours and then pop the balloon and carefully peel it away from the leaves. And voilà! Your Thanksgiving leaf bowl is done. You can use it as home decor or store knick-knacks. You can also create the bowl out of fabric. Check out how in this ‘Make a fabric bowl’ challenge. 

You can create a lot of interesting and useful Thanksgiving crafts for kids. You can try out hand printing, paper crafts, paper plate crafts, toilet paper crafts, etc. All of the above arts and crafts for kids are made using items that are easily found at home. So, we hope you will try out each of them and share the results with us in the challenges we have shared with you. You can check out more challenges here. Also, don’t forget to check out the courses we have up on our website. We are sure you will love them. So, let’s get DIYing! Happy Thanksgiving!