7 Best Interesting Art Projects And Ideas For Kids

Every parent loves displaying their kids’ art on their fridge or have a special corner in their home where their kid’s art activities are displayed. Did you know that by displaying your kid’s art activities, you are actually helping to boost their confidence and self-esteem? The best way to support your growing kids is to show your love for your kids’ art. A good way to bond with your kids is to make art projects for kids at home with them. Art activities and skill learning for kids help cultivate creativity and ingenuity in your kids. Art and crafts should be everyday activities for kids because it helps relieve stress too. 

We know you might have searched the internet for the best learning websites for kids where you can find fun art projects for kids. And there is a limit to the number of art projects for kids that they can come up with on their own. As a fast-growing learning community for kids, we took it upon ourselves to curate some cool art projects for kids for you. You should definitely try these with your kids. We believe in being the best online community for kids where kids can learn through art and crafts. These arts and crafts for children that we are going to share are super simple and fun to do.

Check them all out!

#1 Watercolor is fun

What list of art projects for children doesn’t include some watercolor painting? Watercolor painting is one of the most basic and easy art projects for kids and among the top five fun canvas painting ideas for kids. Be it art projects for middle schoolers arts and crafts for 5 year olds, having fun playing with watercolor is a childhood memory every kid deserves. If your kid is just starting with watercolor painting, check out this Art Attack Challenge where your kid can learn watercolor art. All your kid will need are some drawing sheets, a palette, a cup of water, and of course watercolors. Keep a cloth handy. Try out more watercolor art like this watercolor splash art and tape resist watercolor art. While there are a lot of watercolor art projects that are super simple art projects for kids, these are also considered to be pretty versatile art projects for children that kids can master easily.

#2 Stamping your way to glory

All kids love stamping, making it one of the best art and craft ideas for kids. All you need for these stamping-related arts and crafts for kids are stamp pads, and somewhere you can stamp using these stamp pads. You can buy stamp pads in different shapes and sizes. You can also make your own stamp pad using things available at home. Making stamp pads can itself be considered to be one of the most fun art projects for kids. Use chopped vegetables, sponges, straws, bubble wraps, bottle tops, corks, etc. to make your own DIY stamps. Want to create a fun stamp art on a canvas as part of canvas painting for kids? Learn how to stamp paint in this Stamp Painting Challenge. Help your kids create unique gift wrapping for when they are gifting things to their friends by checking out this Creating Gift Wrap By Stamping Challenge. If you want to create a unique stamp for yourself, learn how to make a stamp here. Share the finished product with us too. Stamping on tote bags, sneakers, pillow covers, napkins, and other things available at home are fun art ideas for kids that you should check out.

#3 String them all

They say string art was started back in the 19th century by an Englishwoman as part of teaching kids mathematics. Whatever may be its origin, string art is one of the most popular and fun art projects for kids today. String art can also be a part of skill learning for kids. All you need for this kids’ art activity are strings, nails, and a surface. This kid’s art activity involves nails, so parental supervision is advised. Start here to begin learning how to go about making this cool art projects for kids. It helps kids learn order, pattern, and symmetry. You can make string stars by following this Make String Stars Challenge for your Christmas art project and some other string patterns for Halloween art projects for kids. Check out more fun kids art activities here.

#4 Have fun with dye

Dye crafts are some super cool art projects for children that they would love. Tie-dye is the most popular among these dye art projects for kids. The easiest tie-dye art idea for kids is tie-dyeing T-shirts and other clothes. Try out this fun Dye Leather Challenge. You can also let your kid try tie-dyeing a snowflake as a DIY project. (Note: No real snowflakes will be harmed or dyed or even used in this art project.) Check out this Make A Tie Dye Snowflake Challenge to see how it is done. You can also make other tie-dye decorative pieces as fun winter and fall art projects for kids, too! We are sure they will love doing these cool art projects for kids.  

#5 Draw on pebbles

Kids love drawing on things. Try it once and it’s sure to be one of their favorite kid’s art activities when they are at home. You’ll also score some decorative pebbles for your home décor in the bargain. Forage for some good round pebbles for these cool art projects for kids at home. Get some acrylic paints, paintbrushes, and markers. Keep some tissues or cloth handy too. Check out this challenge and Learn How To Paint A Rock or pebble. Want to make them into a positivity rock? Check this challenge where you Can Learn How To Paint A Positivity Rock. This is one of the simplest arts and crafts for 5 year olds that kids love. Check out more of our painting challenges here.

#6 Some coffee love

If you are a coffee-loving parent, here is a fun art projects for kids at home. Use your favorite beverage to create a butterfly! All you need are coffee filters, washable markers, pipe cleaners, and a spray bottle of water. learn how to make coffee butterflies and show us your creations. Here is an easy and fun art projects for kids that your kids can try out too: check out how to turn a coffee cup into a cartoon. Kids can also use coffee as paint to try out different coffee paintings as part of arts and crafts for kids.

#7 Make them DIY paper masks

Another fun art idea for kids is to make DIY paper masks. You will need few sheets of paper, strings or ribbons, and markers to add colors to your masks. These can also be fun Halloween art projects for kids. Check out this Make A Mask Challenge to create a DIY paper mask. You can also try out this challenge. However, to make a simple DIY paper mask, fold the paper in half and draw the shape of half the mask. Help your kid cut out the shape carefully. Punch a hole on the ends of the mask and use a string or ribbon to tie them on your kid’s head. Voilà! Isn’t this one of the easiest art projects for kids?

BONUS: Collage and Mosaic love

Creating a collage is a fun way to combine drawing or painting with collage-making. It can be a part of skill learning for kids and fun kids art activities. Learn how to craft a cool collage and show us the results. You can try making a bit more complex collage here in this make a surrealistic collage. For these fun art projects for kids, you will need some photos and cutouts from different sources. Arrange them in the design you want and create the collage. Another one of those cool art projects for kids that involve making beauty out of chaos could be making mosaics. Our Learn How To Make Mosaics Challenge will help you learn how to make one. For this project, all you will need are card stock(A4 size), a pencil, chart paper in different colors in A4 size, glue, and an eraser for this project. Make sure to share the end results of these easy art projects for kids. We’re sure this piece of your kid’s art will definitely deserve a place on your fridge.  

Make sure to try out all the different art and craft ideas for kids that we have shared above. We have chosen fun kids art activities that allow for lots of creativity and involve open-ended processes so that they are easy to do. We are sure your kids will want to do these simple art projects for kids many times over. Don’t forget to share the results of these kids’ art activities with our online community for kids. And of course, display them on your fridge or a special corner in your home. Check out our challenges for more such art projects for children. We also have some fun courses that your kids can learn from. All of these kids’ art activities exercise your kid’s imagination and helps creativity flow. We want them to know that learning can be fun too. So why wait?

Try out all the above kids’ art activities and tell us how you liked doing them!

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