5 Activities And Art Projects For Middle Schoolers + One Bonus Project!

As a parent who is actively engaged in providing the best for your middle-school kids, there are times when you reach a point where you have checked out all the best learning websites for kids and exhausted the list of art projects for middle schoolers. And you are still left searching for the best online community for kids where you can find cool projects related to arts and crafts for children. Now that you have landed at DIY.org, often considered one of the best learning websites for kids, you can be at ease. Not only do we have an awesome learning community for kids, but can also help you with some super cool art and craft ideas for kids.  

You already know that middle school is the time when your kids are willing to be directed and eager to learn and form strong study habits. This is the time when they transition from primary to secondary education and are open to diverse and interesting topics that can help them in choosing the best for their future. Also, they have lots of energy. Cool and interesting activities and art projects for kids can provide them with the right outlet to channel their drive, curiosity, and energy. You can find a lot of cool art projects for kids on our website. Just go ahead and try searching for art projects for middle schoolers, and you will see that some of the top results would be canvas painting ideas for kids. While we know you will definitely be trying out canvas painting for kids like art projects for middle schoolers, we want you to try out some more cool art projects for children too! We have curated a list of six activities and fun art projects for kids that they will love and absolutely enjoy making. You can do these everyday activities for kids as part of skill learning for kids. So, without further ado, let’s delve right into these easy art projects for kids. 

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#1 Let’s have fun doodling

Did you know that doodling helps kids pay attention? It is one of the simple art projects for kids that is very much like meditation. Doodling stimulates the brain, helps kids to stay focused, keeps them from spacing out, and is one of the best emotional outlets for kids. As one of the simplest art projects for kids at home, it helps kids develop fine motor skills and encourages visual analysis. Doodling is a simple kids art activity that teaches them creative problem-solving. Check out some fun art ideas for kids among our live challenges. Learn How To Doodle A Scenery is an upcoming live challenge that your kids should try. If your kid is just starting to learn how to doodle, let them try out our Learn To Doodle Challenge. All they will need are A4 size paper, blackball/ gel pens 0.4 mm, pencil – 4B, 2B, and an eraser. Don’t forget to share the results with us.

#2 Let’s try our hand at origami

Origami is the art of paper folding and is often associated with Japanese culture. It is one of the coolest arts and crafts for 5 year olds that even adults can have fun doing. Origami is considered as one of the oldest art projects for children, but now includes all folding practices, irrespective of their culture of origin. It is another fun and hands-on learning kids art activities that help them develop their fine motor skills, improve spatial visualization skills, supports mental concentration, and basically strengthens kids’ brains. If you want your kids to learn origami, you can start here – Learn To Create With Origami. All your kids will need are 10 square sheets of origami paper (Size 6×6 inches), any glue of your choice, scissors, and some markers! Check out this challenge that will teach your kids to make origami flowers. Try it out and share the results with us. One of the most popular origami art projects for children is the jumping frog. Join our Create An Origami Jumping Frog Challenge and learn how to make one. You can also help your kids try their hand at making origami ornaments for holidays. Those are some fun Christmas and Halloween art projects for kids or fall art projects for kids that kids would love creating.

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#3 Let’s paint a mural

Kids love painting on walls and as you know a mural is any artwork that is directly painted or applied on walls. This is one of the coolest kids art activities that you can do with your kids. Pick a wall or a section of a wall in your home or in your kid’s room and join them in this adventure. Painting murals is a fun kids art activity, that helps you bond with them. Murals help children acquire hand-eye coordination and are must-try art projects for kids at home. They take a while to paint, and the surface or wall needs to be primed. Check out our How To Paint A Mural Challenge to learn how to do these simple art projects for kids and help them express their inner self to their heart’s content.

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#4 Let’s learn how to sew

Let’s move a little out of our comfort zone and try out sewing, shall we? Sewing is a life skill and at the same time is a fun arts and crafts for kids. This life skill teaches your kids the importance of patience and self-control and will help them save time and money in the future. Sewing is a fun art projects for kids that improve their focus and concentration. To introduce sewing to your kids, you can start with some simple art projects for kids related to sewing like making a plushie. We have a Learn How To Sew A Plushie Challenge which is a good place to start. For starters, you would need a design. Use the design as a base and make a pattern out of it. Trace it onto a felt, cut it out, sew it and then stuff it. Check out more how to make plushies challenges – Pizza Plushie, Donut Plushie, Banana Plushie, Emoji Plushie, and many more. Want more sewing challenges? We’ve got a ton! You can find more sewing challenges here.

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#5 Let’s learn weaving and knitting

If your kids are interested in learning more complex and cool art projects for kids, learning how to weave and knit are some fun kids art activities that help them develop their cognitive skills. Weaving and knitting are both activities that are included in lists of skill learning for kids that are ideal for fine motor skill development. It can be a bit tricky, but, it helps them gain strength and confidence in their skills. Help them start with simple art projects for kids related to weaving and knitting and then gradually progress to more complex art projects for middle schoolers. Check out our challenges on How To Weave and How To Knit to learn the basics of weaving and knitting. Let them weave a simple bracelet for their best friend by learning How To Weave A Bracelet or Make A Scarf as a gift to their friends. These art projects for kids not only improve their cognitive skills but also teach them all about the joy of sharing. You can check out more of our challenges related to weaving here.

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Bonus: Let’s do some crafting!

How can we not include crafting when we are on the subject of activities and art projects for kids? This would need its own blog on arts and crafts for children. However, we have picked out some cool craft and art projects for middle schoolers that your kids will love. Arts and crafts for kids help kids explore and express their emotions, instill a sense of achievement and pride, and develop courage and healthy self-esteem. A win-win situation for you and your kids. Here are fun art and craft ideas for kids where they can Create A Cool Collage. How about Learning Mosaic Craft? You will need to provide your kids with card stock (A4 size), a pencil, different-colored chart paper in A4 size, glue, and an eraser. You can even move on to more complex things like making notebooks. Check out our challenge where you Learn How To Make Tiny Notebooks.

These are some super cool art projects for kids that your kids should definitely try out. Make sure to share the pictures of the final results. You can also check out more crafting projects here.

Have fun making them! Au Revoir!

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