9 Easy And Fun Homemade Craft Ideas For Kids + Bonus Project!

As a parent, one is always on the lookout for fun and super cool homemade arts and crafts for kids that you can do at home with them during holidays, during the weekends, or even when they are under the weather. You might doubt your capability of finding enough crafts for kids to keep them occupied, or you might find it a challenge yourself if you think you are not that ‘crafty’ enough. Fret not, we are here to help! 

We have a ton of homemade easy crafts for kids that we are ready to share with you. All you need to do is make sure you enjoy making these fun crafts for kids with your kids. Everyone is going to love you for coming up with these cool craft ideas for kids, and you can even display the result of your kid’s fun crafts activities. Experience that win-win situation with some super fun crafts for kids at home we’ve specially curated just for you! 

#1 Make A Paper Airplane 

The classic! Making paper airplanes is one of the first and simplest paper crafts for kids that any kid learns. It is always going to be nostalgic for them. Enjoy making these super easy crafts for kids to do at home and have fun flying them with them. All you need is a piece of paper. That’s it! Check out our Paper Airplane Challenge and show us how far your airplane can fly. 

#2 Make A Paper Monster Puppet 

Making paper monster puppets is also a favorite Halloween crafts for kids. As one of the most fun fall crafts for kids making a paper monster puppet is easy. Get your hands on a paper lunch bag for this fun DIY crafts for kids. You will also need some acrylic paints, some colored card stock paper, sharpies or markers, scissors, and some glue. To start working on these craft ideas for kids, color the bottom of the lunch bag and draw some eyes of your choice. You can go crazy with your ideas. Add some horns, hands, tails, tongue, and much more with the card stock papers. Voila! Your paper monster puppet is ready. For more ideas, check out our Build A Puppet Challenge.

#3 Make A Button Tree Art Canvas

If Christmas is around the corner, and you are searching for Christmas crafts for kids, this is a fun kids crafts for Christmas to do at home. Gather some discarded buttons lying around the house, get an art canvas and go all out making the best Christmas tree you can think of. It is actually a fun Christmas craft DIY that you can showcase on your Christmas tree or even make a big enough button tree art canvas as part of your Christmas craft ideas and use it as a substitute for the actual Christmas tree. Check out our Make A Button Collage for more fun with easy Christmas crafts for kids and DIY for kids.

#4 Make A Paper Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are a crowd favorite when it comes to art and craft ideas for kids. The actual dreamcatchers might be a bit difficult for little kids to make. But paper dreamcatchers are easy art crafts for kids. They can also be made as part of St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids, thanksgiving crafts for kids, or even Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. An awesome addition to any list of summer crafts for kids and spring crafts for kids, all you need to make paper dreamcatchers are card stock papers or cardboard, glue, glitter paper, yarn, and scissors. If you already have an idea in your mind for your dream dreamcatcher you can start with it, or you can just go with the flow and make some awesome dreamcatcher paper crafts for kids. Check out our Make A Unicorn Dreamcatcher Challenge to find out more about how you can create these fun paper crafts for kids. 

#5 Make A Pom-Pom Bouquet

You can make numerous arts and crafts for kids using pom-poms. Check out how to make pom-poms from our Make Pom-Poms Challenge. You will need yarn and scissors to make this fun DIY crafts for kids. Make enough pom poms so that you can make a bouquet out of it. You can also use pom-poms to decorate hats and tapestries and other woven arts and crafts for kids. You can help your kid make fun kid valentine crafts for everyone in the family using pom-poms. Make some pom-pom decorative pieces as part of your kids preschool Christmas crafts and see how your kids love it when they see their creations hanging on the Christmas tree. You can also make tiny pom-pom bunnies as part of Easter crafts for kids. We are sure they will love making them. 

#6 Make Toilet Paper Crafts

Toilet paper crafts always make it onto lists of DIY with kids. They are fun and easy crafts for boys, girls, and everyone alike. The possibilities of craft ideas for kids when it comes to toilet paper are endless. You can make rockets, dragons, cars, and even sculptures with it. Don’t believe us? Check out this awesome Paper Roll Sculpture Challenge and find out how to make these super cool DIY crafts for kids. You can also make a Kazoo out of toilet paper roll. You will need some toilet paper rolls, butter paper or plastic wrap, and a few elastic bands or rubber bands. Check out this Make A Kazoo Out Of Toilet Paper Roll Challenge to know more about how to make these fun toilet paper roll crafts for kids. 

#7 Make Egg Carton Crafts 

We are sure you will have some egg cartons lying around the house. They can be used to make some fun arts and crafts for kids. You can make egg carton turtles, caterpillars, frogs, and other fun and easy crafts for kids using egg cartons. Recycling is always a good idea. To recycle your egg carton into a turtle, you will need egg cartons, pom-poms, googly eyes, glue, sharpies, scissors, and acrylic paints. You have already learned how to make pom-poms from the earlier activity we shared. For this DIY with kids, make individual shells for the turtles by cutting the cartons. Stick some legs for them. Use the pom-poms as their heads and stick googly eyes on each side. Egg carton caterpillars are also a fun DIY with kids project. You need to cut out the egg carton as a single line and paint over them. Put some googly eyes to the end where the head is supposed to be. You may also add antennae. After all, they say the sky is the limit when it comes to creative arts and crafts for kids.

#8 Make Paper Plate Crafts

You can make awesome arts and crafts for kids with paper plates. Cut paper plates in the shape of clouds and stick some ribbons to the bottom, and you have super cute kids crafts with paper plates that they can hang in their rooms. You can also make rainbow fish using paper plates. You will need paper plates, some card stock paper, acrylic colors, googly eyes, glue, and scissors for this easy DIY with kids. Furthermore, you can also try making paper plate turtles which is another fun and easy crafts for kids. Try out this Paper Vehicle Challenge and share the results with us. 

#9 Make Homemade Necklaces

There are simple yarn crafts for kids that you can try at home like making homemade necklaces. Try making necklaces out of scraps or leftovers from your DIY with kids at home. Why not try making some homemade Hawaiian Leis as part of your arts and crafts for kids? It is simple to make. You will need thick card stock, flower punches, some drinking straws, and yarn for these simple and easy crafts for kids. Use the flower punches to make the flowers and cut the straws into one-inch pieces. Use the yarn to string them in a pattern you love and tie them at the ends. Now you are ready to HULA! We also have Make A Necklace Challenge and Make A Decoupage Necklace challenges that you should try out. Don’t forget to share the results with us. 

Bonus: Make Clothespin Crafts!

You can make simple craft projects for kids using clothespins. They are easily found at home and can be used for numerous craft stick ideas. You can make airplanes from clothespins by sticking some popsicle sticks on the top and bottom of these clothespins. This is a simple popsicle stick crafts for kids you can try. Another simple butterfly craft for kids would be to make dragonflies out of clothespins. You can paint the clothespins. (stripes work best.) Stick some googly eyes to the front. Take a pipe cleaner, bend it, and stick it inside the clothespin to make it look like the wings of a dragonfly. Super easy and fun simple crafts for kids! You can also make clothespin catapults as another 5 minute craft kids love. Check out our challenges for more ideas. 

We hope you will try out all these super fun craft projects for kids and share the results with us. Don’t forget to check out our courses, where you can find more simple crafts for kids.

Happy DIYing!

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