5 Quick And Easy Crafts That Kids Can Make Anytime!

Has searching for Pinterest crafts for kids or 5 minute craft kids activities become a routine for you? Ordered a thousand different raw materials for crafts for kids to do at home? We understand. And that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to share with you some simple arts and crafts for kids activities that require things that can be easily found lying around your house. You don’t need hours of planning, nor do you need to spend tons loads of money on these craft ideas for kids. This is what we call a win-win situation for all.

We have carefully curated simple and easy crafts for kids that you can do with your little ones. These fun crafts for kids can keep all kids – toddlers and teens – occupied for hours on end. Even adults can join in on the fun while making these craft projects for kids. Based on your kid’s skill set, you can even tweak these crafts for kids. Let’s do a roundup of the most common materials you might need for making these DIY crafts for kids.

  • Glue or tape

  • Kid-safe scissors  

  • Paper – card stock, construction paper, printer paper, origami paper or just the normal paper that you have lying around the house

  • Kid-safe paint – acrylic, sharpies, markers, crayons etc 

  • Paper plates

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Clothespin

  • Toilet Paper rolls

  • Tissues

  • Buttons

  • Twine, yarn, ribbons, or thread that are used in fun crafts

  • Googly eyes, if you can find them!

Now that you know what you might need as supplies for these simple crafts for kids, let’s delve right into the different art and craft ideas for kids. We are sure you will not need to go searching for ideas for crafts for kids at home in the near future. If you do, don’t worry. We have got you covered anyway. You can check out our website for more art crafts for kids.

Now, let’s check out some fun and easy art and craft ideas for kids that we have curated for you.

#1 Make Easy Paper Crafts

There are so many fun paper easy crafts for kids, and you can make these paper crafts for kids in less than 30 minutes. You can make simple kids crafts with paper plates. Make simple clouds out of paper plates. Cut the paper plates in half (preferably in the shape of a cloud), stick some cotton on that. To make it more fun, add some colored ribbons at the bottom of the paper plate. And lo and behold! You have a beautiful cloud-ready. Another simple paper craft for kids you can try out is to make a paper mask. Check out this make a paper mask challenge that is a super fun Halloween crafts for kids. You can also try making a paper boat and float it. That can keep kids occupied for hours. How about making a paper bag for your Halloween candy? It is a cool fall crafts for kids. Kids love making pinwheels too. Check out our challenge and see if you can make the biggest pinwheel. You can try making a floating paper flower with your kids. Try these out and see how they love playing with the stuff they make from these crafts for kids at home.

#2 Make Easy Clothespin Crafts

We all have a lot of clothespins lying around the house. This is one of the simplest materials to use when it comes to DIY for kids. We are sure you might have made paper airplanes as part of paper crafts for kids. But, have you tried making a clothespin airplane? It is one of the easiest craft stick ideas. You will need a clothespin, of course! Get some popsicle sticks and color them in your favorite colors. You will need three popsicle sticks. Make sure one shorter is than the other two. Stick the longer ones as the wing of the airplane on the top and bottom in the front of the clothespin. Stick the shorter one as the tail of the airplane at the back of the clothespin. This is a fun popsicle stick crafts for kids that they would love playing with. Another fun clothespin DIY with kids is making a catapult out of clothespins. You can even make a vibrant butterfly craft for kids using clothespins. These are crafts for boys and girls alike and kids would love making them.

#3 Make Easy Button Crafts

If you don’t know what to do with those random buttons lying around your house, you have come to the right place. You can make some super fun kids crafts for Christmas and other holidays with these buttons. Making a giant button Christmas tree on a canvas is one of those fun Christmas craft ideas for the whole family. If your kid wants to make a Christmas card or valentine’s card for their teacher or other loved ones, they can even make a fun button collage and gift it. Buttons can be used as part of kid valentine crafts, and they can make decorations out of buttons for Christmas craft DIY projects too. Check out our how-to make a button collage challenge which is a fun part of summer crafts for kids. You can make some fun wind chimes using buttons and keys. It is a great idea when you’re looking for DIY for kids.

#4 Make Easy Toilet Paper Crafts

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids are always a major hit with the kids because it is can be very fun to play with toilet paper rolls. They can be transformed into anything one can imagine. It is a staple when it comes to arts and crafts for kids. You can make toilet paper robots by coloring the toilet paper in vibrant colors and adding some hands. Add some ribbons to the bottom of this, as part of some fun Halloween crafts for kids. You can also use toilet paper rolls to make decorations as part of easy Christmas crafts for kids. This paper roll sculpture would be a great addition to your winter crafts for kids. If your kids love music, let them make a kazoo out of toilet paper rolls as part of some fun spring crafts for kids.

#5 Make Easy Thread And Yarn Crafts

You can make super fun arts and crafts for kids using thread and yarn. There are some simple yarn crafts for kids you can try at home. Your kid can make matching bracelets with their best friends. Check out how to make a yarn bracelet. Covering anything with yarn instantly makes it a hit DIY for kids. So go yarn bombing and share the pictures with us. If you are making more yarn crafts for kids, share them with us in this challenge. They are perfect Christmas crafts for kids. You can make pom-poms from thread and yarn. They are super fun arts and crafts for kids projects. Check out how to make pom-poms. You will need yarn, scissors, and a lot of patience for this simple DIY for kids. You can make pom-pom rainbows for St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids. Hand draw a rainbow and stick some pom-poms of different colors on it. This is a super fun rainbow crafts for kids. You can make pom-pom bunnies for Easter crafts for kids. Make a super simple turkey out of pom-poms for thanksgiving crafts for kids. There are many more DIY for kids that you can make with pom-poms. Pom-pom coasters are super cute arts and crafts for kids. Make some pom-poms and add them to the cushions lying around the house to add a pop of color to your home decor. 

You now have ideas for numerous arts and crafts for kids projects. Whichever crafts for kids you choose to do with your kids, what matters is having fun doing it with them. Studies show that doing these arts and crafts for kids projects w helps you bond with your kids and also helps them develop their cognitive abilities. So, start young! Let your kids indulge in these DIY crafts for kids from a young age and let them know that learning can be fun too. We know that kids learn a lot from these craft projects for kids. That is why we have numerous courses that they can learn from.  Check out our courses here, you won’t be disappointed! There are also plenty of challenges that your little ones can take part in. Check them out here. Don’t forget to try out all the art and craft projects for kids that we have shared above. We would love to hear from you so don’t forget to share the end results with us. 

We hope you have fun doing all these fun crafts with your kids during these times and that doing these fun crafts with your kids brightens up your days too. 

Happy DIYing!

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