6 Fun Math And Science Hands-On Projects For Kids

Kids are curious by nature, and this natural curiosity towards learning is the best time to foster learning about things that they might find interesting in their future. We are sure that as a parent you might have scourged through numerous forums and an online community for kids to find everyday activities for kids that are related to skill learning for kids. As a learning community for kids, we have shared numerous blogs where you can find activities related to arts and crafts through which kids can learn many things. However, this time, we are going to focus on easy at home science experiments for kids. 

These are simple science experiments for kids to do at home that will nurture their curiosity and help them learn and understand different concepts and principles that they might find useful in the future. Learning should be fun. And the best way to learn science is by doing fun science experiments for kids with them at home. You get time to bond with them and to understand your kid’s strengths and weaknesses and help them out accordingly. Let’s explore some fun DIY science experiments that kids would enjoy doing at home.  

#1 Cloud in a Jar

This is one of the easy science projects for kids that you can try at home. As with any easy kids science projects, all you need is a jar with a lid, some ice, a cup of hot water, and aerosol spray (something like a hairspray would do). To do these simple children’s science experiments, you need to pour the hot water carefully into the jar and swirl the water to make the jar hot. Make sure that the water is just hot enough without being boiling hot. Now place the lid of the jar upside down and fill it with ice cubes. Remove the lid and quickly spray the aerosol spray and cover quickly. The cloud will form inside the jar. It is indeed one of the simplest science experiments for kids to do at home. You can check out this science video for kids in our make a cloud challenge. We’re sure your kids are going to be amazed at this and many other cool science experiments for kids on DIY!

#2 Bend Water 

Another one of the coolest and simple science experiments for kids is to see how kids can bend water. It’s indeed a super fun DIY science experiment for kids. All you need for these kinds of science crafts for kids are a dry plastic comb, a head with clean dry hair, and an indoor faucet. What you need to do for these science experiments for 5 year olds is turn on the faucet till there is a thin stream of steady water flowing. Take the dry plastic comb and brush it on your hair multiple times. Now, without actually touching the water, bring the comb near the stream of thin water and see how the water bends towards the comb. Of course, it is just static, but definitely looks like magic! Check out this bend water challenge to see how others have done on this challenge. This is one of the simplest and best science experiments for kids that will amaze them for sure. But, they can be used to teach them about static.

#3 Make Fractions With Food

How about some fun math games for kids? Did you know that you could teach fractions using food? You can make fractions using so many kinds of foods. Pizza, cucumber slices, Graham crackers, Kit Kats, Oranges, Hershey bars, and many more. Depending on how old the kids are, you can teach them simple or complex fractions. There are a lot of simple math videos for kids available online where you can learn how to make fractions fun. Try these simple science projects for kids at home and share the results on our make fractions with food challenge.

#4 Learn Some Math Tricks

Math tricks are super fun and easy to learn. You can find a lot of these memory games for kids online. Here are some simple math games for kids grade 2. If you want to teach them multiplication by 5, you can tell them to divide the number by 2 and then multiply it by 10. Another simple math games for kids grade 3 is to teach them the trick of multiplying a number by 9. To get the first digit of the answer, you need to subtract 1 from that number. To get the other digit, subtract that number from 10. Simple and neat, right? Likewise, you can teach simple math games for kids grade 5and math games for kids grade 4 depending on their skill set and the complexity of the tricks. You will find a lot of such simple math online educational games for kids in our challenge section on our website. A bonus math trick for you to teach your little ones is one where the answer is always going to be 37. Ask them to choose a 3 digit number with the same digits. And then tell them to add these digits together and then divide the original 3 digit number with this, and see how surprised they will be when you will always arrive at 37 as the answer. Don’t forget to try out these online math games for kids and share your tricks with us in this teach a math trick challenge.

#5 Count On An Abacus

If you are looking for math grade 1 games to prepare some learning games for 5 year olds, the simplest skill learning for kids would be to teach them how to count on an abacus. An abacus is a calculating tool that has been used since ancient times. They say kids can start learning new concepts from around the age of 4 to 7, so you can introduce the abacus to them at this age. An abacus is indeed one of the best ways to prepare your kid to understand basic calculations. This will help your little ones learn basic math functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Check out how to do so in this count on an abacus challenge. It is one of the simplest math grade 1 games.

#6 Make Some Magnetic Slime

If you are looking for some simple science fair projects for kids, you can always count on slime. Not kidding! Making different types of slime are some of the simplest and coolest science project ideas for kids. Now, in order to make these easy kids science projects, you will need some simple materials like washable glue, food coloring, glitter (optional), baking soda, and saline solution. For these fun science experiments for kids, you will first need to pour the glue into a bowl and add the food coloring and glitter too, if you want. Add baking soda and mix until the mixture is smooth. Into this mixture, add two tablespoons of saline solution and stir until the mixture becomes hard and stringy. You will slowly see a ball of slime forming. Knead until smooth. Check out this DIY challenge on how to make slime or this one to make color changing slime. Now, to make this even better and make magnetic slime, you will need some black iron oxide powder for these super cool science experiments for kids. Check out how to make magnetic slime in this DIY challenge. Don’t forget to share all these fun science experiments for kids with us on this science trick challenge.

We are sure it is going to be super fun doing these cool science projects for kids at home. They might seem like simple science experiments for kids to you, but these DIY science experiments help develop a kid’s resourcefulness. These fun science experiments for kids help them better their skills at problem solving, planning, and goal setting and at the same time develop their cognitive abilities. Easy kids science projects are simple ways for you, as a parent, to nurture their intellectual curiosity and bond with them. We know that kids always have a hundred questions regarding everything. And these simple science experiments for kids satisfy their insatiable curiosity and help them learn new things easily. This helps them prepare them for the world and understand it a little better. Also, these science experiments for kids to do at home act as a foundation upon which they can learn formal math and science subjects. A win-win situation for you as a parent, your kid or kids and their teachers at school. 

If you are looking for more fun and cool science experiments for kids to do at home, you should check out our super cool courses. We are happy to create this online community for kids where they can share their activities freely. Learning is fun and these easy at home science experiments for kids prove just that. We hope that you get to check out all the super cool and simple science experiments for kids that we have shared above. Also, don’t forget to check out some awesome ongoing DIY challenges here. Have fun experimenting! 

Have fun DIYing!

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