Summer Is Here And Camp DIY Is Back!

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Camp DIY Is Here – Are YOU Ready?

The Itinerary for Camp DIY ‘22 is here and we’re too excited to think about anything else!

For the uninitiated, Camp DIY is an online summer camp that we host every year. It’s two months of workshops, contests, challenges, and most importantly – a whole lot of fun! Kids can join anytime between the 6th of June and the 31st of July to participate.

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Let’s start with a quick recap of what’s already happening on DIY


Seriously, we’re not kidding. The numbers are in and it will take a minimum of 500 hours to go through all the content on DIY. That’s 21 days of non-stop learning if you decide to not take any bathroom breaks! As you read this, thousands of DIYers around the world are learning how to bake, draw, animate, code, rap, beatbox, build, sing, dance, hula hoop, and are trying at least a hundred other skills.


Live challenges are live workshops that are conducted by experts – adult professionals and talented DIYers. These sessions give kids a chance to learn skills together and interact over common interests.

In just the first week of camp DIY, we’re going to be hosting sessions on Jewellery Creation, Dessert Making, Pot Painting, Paper Crafting, Stop-Motion Animation, Scientific Drawing, Comic Creation, Cartooning, Miniature Clay Art, Reading, 3D Drawing, Aero-Modelling, Pencil Sketching, and Storytelling – PHEW – that was a mouthful!


A little healthy competition can be really fun. That’s why we host weekly contests for DIYers to show us (and each other) their superpowers! Every contest you win gets you gems that you can use to get awesome merch from the DIY Shop! We’re all #InItToWinIt this summer!

So, What’s New?

We’re not sure you’re ready for this. Read on at your own risk!


Drills and Exercises to Train Your Brain

Boot camps are 5-day learning programs during which kids can focus on building one skill a week. Boot camps begin every morning at 11AM EST from Monday to Friday, and every session is about an hour long. An instructor will teach kids skills and assign them projects to try after every session. It’s a great way to motivate kids to learn and gives them a safe, moderated space for them to interact with other kids over common interests!

Here’s a tentative schedule of the skills in focus every week:

June 6th to 10th – Speech and Debate

June 13th to 17th – Painting and Watercoloring

June 20th to 24th – Music and Vocal Training


Yaaaaasss – It’s Fri-Yay!

Every Friday, DIYers around the world will be attending themed parties, tournaments, and talent shows. For example, we have a Spelling Bee contest coming up on Saturday, the 11th of June that you should definitely not miss!


DIY Quizzes: Do You Have What It Takes to Win?

Lovers of Harry Potter, fans of The Owl House, trivia buffs – lend us your ears! Here’s your chance to show us your knowledge of the things you love. We’re going to be hosting quizzes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on topics ranging from gaming to zoology! You better bring your A-Game!


Do YOU Know Who the Half-Blood Prince Is?

Got a movie or book series you’ve been dying to tell people about? Now’s your chance! DIYers can attend weekly book and movie appreciation sessions to discuss their latest faves with other equally enthusiastic DIYers. It’s also a great way to discover the next book/movie you’re going to be obsessed with. 😉

There’s a lot more that’s going on over at DIY – so much so that no regular calendar could contain all the summer madness we’ve got planned for our global community of kids! But we’ve tried our very best. 

So basically, what we’re trying to say is that there is no time to waste! Hurry up and download the app, set up your very own cool personal profile, get competing in Camp DIY, and start this summer with a bang!

See you on the other side.


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