Pride Rewind With DIY

The month of June might be known for many things, especially for the start of the sunny summer afternoons, fun Camp DIY evenings, and the wonderful Pride month.

Adding to the Pride celebrations and being more vocal about equal rights and opportunities, we wanted to make this month a special one by spreading awareness of the LBGTQIA+ community among our budding DIYers. 

We created a Rainbow Skill Badge with several different challenges and posed them to our little DIYers. While our DIYers always bring a fresh new perspective, we were blown away by this year’s Pride month’s contribution and effort. While we saw kids of all ages, from all around the world come together to embrace the #PrideMovement. They were also enthusiastic and keen about spreading awareness and educating people around them. 

Here’s a quick recap of the DIY challenges that the kids loved!

Making a Pride flag

We kicked off Pride month with this challenge and saw instantaneous posts for it. Kids took a chance to show off their creativity in the form of sketches, digital art, physical flags, and creations made in Minecraft too!


Researching a historical LGBTQIA+ figure

Marsha P Johnson by MintyLemonDraws

Marsha P Johnson was a black trans woman from New Jersey who was born in 1945. Growing up, her family didn’t accept her so after she graduated high school, she moved to New York, where she was able to be herself. Marsha protested for LGBTQ+ rights and without her, we wouldn’t have pride today.

This was an interesting challenge since kids had to research and tell us about the pioneers and history of LGBTQIA. Our proud DIYers took this opportunity to express what they had researched through little snippets, collages, and short videos of themselves.


Advocating for LBGTQIA+ rights

DIYers took it upon themselves to be custodians of the movement and created various posts ranging from unique, creative pamphlets and digital posters to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.


Making rainbow art

Peachii showing off her pride by Loopins

Peachii is showing off her pride for pride month with her rainbow tail!

We wanted to keep this simple yet capture the essence of using the Pride colors to invoke creativity among our DIYers. We were really inspired by how the little ones turned each brushstroke into a masterpiece! 


Learning brush calligraphy

 They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and lo behold! The DIYers made some magnificent art using calligraphy and used inspirational words to empower each of us, regardless of gender and sexuality. 


Sharing your pronouns

We saw kids make charts of their preferred pronouns and creatively showcase what their personal choices were. We also saw kids teaching other kids about the different genders, why it’s important to be aware of them, and how being kind always goes a long way. 


Celebrating Pride with KushBoo’s the Kween

To end on a high note, we hosted a special live event with KushBoo, the Kween. The kids had a lot of fun at Kushboo’s T-party with the mods and got a chance to interact and share some fun experiences too. 

It was a privilege to watch these little minds grow and an honor to be part of their journey. Their effort and enthusiasm meant more to us than words could ever express. It warms our hearts to see so much compassion and empowerment among the kids. 

And most importantly – how their hearts are in exactly the right place. ❤️