Kids’ Mental Health: 7 Small Steps That Make A Big Impact

t’s the society’s responsibility to help a child blossom.” – Anonymous 

Children might be a lot different from grownups but they have their own struggles and triumphs. And from time to time, it becomes obvious that they can do with a little bit of help from their parents in dealing with a given situation. The overall idea is to create an environment where they can find themselves, and not to force them into becoming something you as a parent want. 

To emphasize this necessity, we at DIY regularly share blog posts on how parents can help boost mental health. Although all our extracurricular courses are in line with the importance of raising the confidence of every participating kid, there are a lot of areas where parents can make a huge difference by taking small steps. 

Here are some tips on how you can nurture your child’s mental health –

Teach coping techniques

Writer Jess Lair once said that children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded. This rings true especially when a child is going through difficult times and the parents aren’t leaning in at the right time. During such moments, don’t grow impatient with your little ones. Instead, strike warm conversations with them without being pushy. Tell them about your life stories, and how you dealt with your problems, and build analogies so that they know that life is all about experiences. 

Establish a structured routine

One place worth working on is helping the young ones know that there are benefits to having a structure in place and a routine to follow. This gives kids a sense of purpose and direction, and naturally builds a rhythm for everyday activities. They know what’s coming so the knowledge will keep them calm and composed. 

Set realistic and achievable goals

The first rule of parenting is to help your child find themselves. And the most effective method of achieving this state of parenthood is by being realistic and setting achievable goals for your child. Baby steps, if you may. Instead of becoming an overbearing factor during their growing phase, it might be advisable to pause and help your beloved child bloom into a beautiful person – one day at a time. 

Give them breaks

Normalize prioritizing themselves and their mental health over everything else. it is important to remember, for yourself and for your kids, that rest is crucial while trying to accomplish the task list at hand. Take time out to relax, without screens and distractions, and allow your body to replenish its energies before you take on the next day. And the better you rest, the more productive you’re likely to feel! Isn’t that true? 

Love and care matter

We’ve come to realize that all our kids need is love and care and support. With mental health and wellness being vulnerable, support systems are most important to growing kids today, and adults too. The most important part of nourishing their well-being and mental health is becoming a comfort zone for them: reliable and trustworthy pillars that give them strength and balance.

Instill belief in them

Nothing works like soft-spoken words. Tell your child that you are proud of them, when they accomplish something, no matter how big or small. That reinforcement goes a long way in building their confidence and also helps them learn how to take pride in what they try — whether it is an academic pursuit or an extracurricular skill. Appreciate the effort more than the result.

Educate yourself

Mental health awareness is a more recent phenomenon, even though mental health concerns have always been around. And especially when it comes to kids, it’s not only important to look out for their mental health and ensure we provide the best environment for them to grow and thrive in, but also to learn and educate ourselves about mental health disorders, challenges, and signs. 

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