DIY And Kyt Are Now One!


A child’s curiosity and creativity must be nurtured. We all want our kids to be all-rounders and have access to holistic education. Kids need to be given an environment that is supportive, collaborative, and friendly. We started Kyt exactly to achieve this – a mission to empower children around the world to learn new skills. Today, we take that further with our acquisition of DIY.

When we started Kyt, we laid out what we needed to make it work:

  1. Understand kids’ preferences and what they’d love to learn beyond just academics in school
  2. Create curriculum and content focused on learning and outcomes which are age-appropriate and safe for kids
  3. Encourage kids to learn by doing and share their creativity and projects with other kids
  4. Build a community of kids who learn new skills together and inspire each other

This journey at Kyt started by offering extracurricular courses such as vocals, chess, yoga, reading, hip-hop, public speaking, etc. We developed comprehensive curriculums, onboarded teachers, and enrolled a few hundred students in a very short span of time – less than six months. While we conducted thousands of live classes, we started building byte-sized content that would encourage students to practice and learn by doing. The next step was to build a community of kids that share their projects with each other – that’s where DIY comes in.

When we first started our interactions with Zach Klein, founder at DIY and Vimeo, we instantly connected on our shared passion to build a destination where any kid, anywhere, can learn any skill. Zach has passionately built DIY and has been running it by himself for the past few months. It is a perfect match to help us close the loop – kids attend classes (live or recorded), learn new skills, and share their learnings with other kids on a platform that is moderated by instructors. Imagine if Netflix made kids smarter and YouTube was safe – DIY is it. We are also thrilled to welcome Zach as an Advisor and an invaluable mentor in our journey ahead.

As parents of a 5-year-old, we see the excitement in our daughter when she records herself doing the solfege to ‘Doe a deer. Sharing that on DIY, getting feedback from teachers, and encouraging comments and likes from other kids motivate her to do more every day. She has already earned several experience points (XP) on DIY.

Our journey at Kyt doesn’t end here – it only becomes much bigger.

Over the last 6 months, Kyt has conducted thousands of live classes for kids across several countries and has developed a deep understanding of their needs. Watching kids learn through these live classes has not only been humbling but has given us a strong foundation on how we can further improve the teaching pedagogy at Kyt and uplift the overall learning experience for our students. Even with 8000+ registered students across 30+ countries and a rating of 9.8/10 from parents, we know that we are just getting started.

With DIY, we operate an online learning community of kids and their families across 80+ countries. Over 700,000 families have registered to use DIY and meet others who share their interests, explore more than 140 skills, and earn badges to commemorate their achievements. As part of Kyt, we’ll be relentless in taking this to newer heights while adding several new features such as DIY Live Challenges and Live Coaching besides merging our high-quality content and technology. Combined – offering a wide selection of over 20+ courses, 2,500+ projects, and 1000s of videos across various topics including Baking, Animation, Lego, Gaming, Music, Climate change, and many more – we will henceforth be known as DIY.

The team at Kyt are passionate entrepreneurs who dream big. We celebrate taking these big bets. With this acquisition of DIY, we are determined to continue growing exponentially. Over the next few months, we’ll be growing our team – hiring across key roles such as product, engineering, human resources, and marketing. We’ll also be partnering with many more curriculum and content creators around the world.

Existing students and teachers on Kyt will continue their live classes as is while we gradually move users to DIY. We’d like to sincerely thank our supporters – students, parents, teachers, curriculum partners, and investors. Most importantly the bold and passionate Kyt team is always ready for the next challenge.

Onwards and upwards!

Tripti & Bhavik

Our daughter’s first DIY project is as below:

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