5 Science Experiments To Do This Summer

Stay curious. Stay awesome!

Here are a few experiments you can try this summer.

1. Make a Sundial: Make use of the summer’s sunny days and make a sundial! Either make it a mini project by making it out of printer paper (you can find a templet online) or construct a big sundial for your garden. Can you figure out how it works?

2. Create a Foam Explosion: The summer is the perfect time to test the combination of Mentos and Coke in the outdoors. If you’re looking for a way to cool down, an ice cream soda is also a foam explosion caused by the interaction of the thickening agents in the ice cream with the CO2 in the soda.

3. Construct a Rube Goldberg Machine: Use your lazy summer days to create a Rube Goldberg machine– an overly complex machine made that completes a simple task. Have it scoop some ice cream for your foam explosion, or turn on the sprinklers!

4. Grow Crystals: Crystals take a while to grow, but you can end up with really pretty rock formations, or, even better, some sugar crystals to stir into some summer lemonade.

5. Build a Water Viewer: If you live near a creek or a beach, take a visit and see what underwater life is like with a water viewer. You can make one easily with things found around the house.

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