5 Reasons Why Fitness Is Necessary For Kids

“Fitness is more than just a state of mind.” – Anonymous 

For reasons best left to tradition, fitness is almost always associated with adults. It has been about being lean or muscular for the most part. But why is it that we think it’s enough if kids run around a little and call it a day for their fitness? After all, outdoor playing isn’t as extensive as it used to be and with all the gadgets and screens available to kids, physical activity is, in fact, at its lowest. 

Wouldn’t it be advisable to get your kids on the path of fitness early on? To inform and help them practice the physical activities that will lead to healthy results? Making them aware of the benefits of fitness is certainly one way to get them to get used to leading a healthy lifestyle.

We at DIY have been regularly conducting fitness-related workshops for kids. The goal behind our online classes for children is to educate them about the necessity of physical movements in a disciplined manner. Be it playing cricket or swimming, it’s always a good idea to make it more interesting by picking out special outfits, keeping score, working out a special hi-five, or even adding a cheer. Remember, the idea is to loosen up and have some fun!

We’ve also observed that children love to know the science behind various activities that they otherwise perform mindlessly. For starters, we are a few ways to get your children on their fitness journey. 

Age-appropriate games
Just because we are talking about fitness, it doesn’t mean you push them to do anything outside their comfort zone. You may love trekking, but it might be such a hectic and boring activity for your child. Choose activities that are right for them. 

Keep it healthy
Don’t let physical activity seem like a chore. It’s good for kids to enjoy what they’re doing as opposed to making them do it for the sake of it. They need to develop a healthy relationship with fitness otherwise it can get very toxic. Understanding why they’re getting more active physically would be a big plus only if you can explain it to them. Else, let them go with the flow.

Fresh mind, please
A healthy body can keep the mind in a great state. Less stress, more energy, and overall wellness can only mean good for your child. A fresh and healthy mind can accomplish great things. Let your child get some form of physical activity for their mind to function well.

No drastic change
You can bring about these changes slowly into your child’s life. You don’t need to cut them off their screen time altogether. They can have their screen time along with being physically active. Any change takes time to stick. It is said that the mind needs 3 weeks to turn a new activity into a habit. There might come a time when they would prefer physical activity to watch the TV or use the smartphone.

Builds personality
With playing a sport or working out, your child might find a way to build themselves from the inside. They will learn from the children around them and develop healthy friendships too. If it’s a possibility, take your kids to activities where there are other children too. Not to say they couldn’t do well by themselves. But as kids, it always helps when they see their own kind.

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