5 Fun Ways To Creatively Unlock A Child’s Potential

A warm, summery “Hello!” to all of you from all of us here at DIY.

We’re hoping that you’re just as excited about this summer as we are! Since we are a community for kids, of kids, and more often than not by kids – summer is most definitely our favorite time of year! And we’ve gone ahead and made all of DIY absolutely FREE for new users – all summer long till August 31st.

Something that we believe in 100% is that spending time creatively is the BEST way to spend time in any way, shape, or form, and summer – with its relaxed attitude and loads of free time – is the best time to take stock of how you can make sure your kids have the most fun, via the most learning, in the safest environments, with kids their own age. They should look back and be proud of having accomplished so much fun.

Now, as you know, the art of communication, with ourselves and others, is vital to the human condition. And this is applicable to not just words and body language, but also to various creative projects that are specific to our interests and passions. This becomes even more important an “art form” to hone for children in their formative years. A child comfortable with the freedom of expression in their own unique way while playing to his or her strengths, is sure to be an adult who carries the same confidence and “anything is possible” approach to any challenge that comes their way.

In case you’re wavering, here are the top five immediate and long-term benefits that this approach to free time can have:


Brain function – its speed, accuracy, and optimizing abilities is constantly wiring and rewiring in all kids – especially during their formative years. Thinking creatively and then applying that action will help renew brain function by working with different parts of it. When kids think in new and unique ways, they are nurturing various parts of the brain that may not be getting attention otherwise.

Set aside time for new games that require newer skill sets or have them take some fresh courses on the DIY platform that nurture skills they’ve never attempted to acquire before!



Some of the top psychoanalysts in the world have said that repeated activities can be meditative and reflective. And a bonus is that one gets better at the activities being repeated!

Recents studies have shown that something as simple as singing your favourite song or trying to write your name in different design styles have benefits similar to that of meditation.

At DIY, we believe in the power of many – but doing their own thing. For example, we have a challenge that asks kids to doodle or draws something IN THEIR OWN WAY. Not only does this give space to be inspired BY other kids in the community, but also to be an inspiration TO others in the same positive environment!


Unlocking creativity means choosing complete freedom of expression. It entails opening up to new ideas and risking judgment. Children are naturally curious and it’s important to let them know early on that they aren’t really bound by any limitations. A creative child is one that believes “any idea is a good idea – until proven otherwise”. Live and learn, we say!

DIY makes sure there are new challenges every single day across areas of interest. Kids can learn how to pick up a skill, try it on their own, and share it with their fellow DIYers to see. We make sure that it’s a wholesome vibe like no other!


This past year has been hard on all of us. But for kids, it’s a strange everyday reality that has been caused by viruses, pandemics, and lockdowns – and most of these terms are not even properly understood by them. It’s been confusing and scary. Away from school, away from regular interactions with friends and family.

What they NEED is activities, playtimes, fun learning, interactive games – with kids their own age. And most importantly – all of this in a safe environment free from bullies, prying strangers, and negative comments.

Let’s leave worrying about the pandemic to us and let kids be just that – kids! Our top daily focus at DIY is to make sure that our platform stays the positive and safe environment that it is. So that kids can let their creative juices flow – and keep on learning!


And of course, the big one: Figuring Out Who We Really Are.

The more kids create, the more they discover about themselves. Tapping into their imaginations can provide them (and parents) clearer insight into their habits, impulses, and desires.

What’s important is that we keep opening them up to “options”. Let them try new courses, watch different videos, participate in different contests – all as a means to understanding where their passions lie.

And the beauty of all this, as we’ve seen over and over again at DIY – is kids come to learn, but stay for the community. They discover new things they like, get inspired by others, and then go on to help inspire even more kids to do the same.

Remember: Summer is free for all new users on DIY. So let’s get more kids involved. Creative fun leads to insightful learning. When done in a group it builds a community that is warm, supportive, and inspiring. And that’s all there is to it, really. What more could we want for kids the world over?


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