5 Ways To Kick Off Back To School Season With DIY

It’s the start of a new school year and a big part of your kid’s time at school. Are you wondering how to help them have their best year yet? If ticking off after-school activities and helping them improve their grades is still on your checklist, here are five ways to kick off the back-to-school season with DIY!

Choose an online after-school playground for your kids

If you’re looking for options on how your kids can engage and learn safely and in a productive environment after school, DIY is the place to be for after-school activities and to help them continue their learning journey in a fun and interactive way. After-school activities have shown several benefits including helping kids become more social and responsible. With 1000s of challenges, LIVE sessions, and, courses that are designed to help them primarily engage offline, there’s a lot for your kids to learn and discover.

Exploring new interests/hobbies

Being back to school means new study material, new things to learn but the learning doesn’t have to end at academics. After-school activities are all meant to be about variety and diversity. While children usually have a liking or a keen interest in few topics, helping them explore and discover their interests, hobbies or developing a skill can go a long way. Especially since it can help them make better decisions, and discover their strengths and weaknesses.



Taking the stress away from academics

In pursuit of academic excellence, school can be stressful or overwhelming for some. Research shows that kids who are more involved in school achieve better grades if they participate in outside classroom activities. With a platform that’s created to help them explore new activities and skills, kids quickly learn how to engage, share, and thrive by leveraging their curiosity to try. After-school activities can give them a boost in all aspects of their lives and instill confidence, higher self-esteem, and an aspiration to succeed.



Creating friendships and building confidence

Participating in afterschool activities with peers of their age allows kids to build and bond on relationships that will last a lifetime. They say that kids often make their closest friends in elementary school or middle school, hence it’s imperative for them to get involved and going with opportunities around them. Having an afterschool activity can tremendously boost their communication skills, teamwork, and help them become more independent and confident. Thus, paving a way for them to be better leaders of tomorrow!

Helping working families with good screen time

While seeing kids grow can be the most fulfilling and rewarding experience, raising kids and running a busy household can be extremely demanding and sometimes stressful too. We know how reassuring it can be to see your child engaged in something productive and healthy after school, and that’s right where DIY fits like a puzzle. Just one hour of engaging actively on the platform can boost your kid’s creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. While this is definitely a boon for the kids, this will also help you to relax, and rest assured that this will be an amazing school year. Good luck!

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