7 Easy & Fun DIY Art And Craft Ideas For Kids

There are plenty of art and crafts ideas for kids all over the internet. But if you’re looking for easy crafts for kids or even painting ideas for kids that can actually be made by kids and aren’t just fun crafts for adults that kids can also attempt, then you need to look for crafts for kids to do at home on learning websites for kids.  Since you’re on the DIY. org blog, you know you’ve come to the right place!  You want to make sure the art projects for kids are actually aimed at DIY for kids and not DIY with kids. As you know, DIY means do-it-yourself, not do-it-yourself for your kid. 

So whether it’s paper crafts for kids, kids’ art activities, or any kind of arts and crafts for kids, we’ve got you covered. Visit the DIY Craft Corner to discover all kinds of awesome arts and crafts ideas for kids as well as step-by-step videos and challenges. We’ve also handpicked some incredible challenges from our whole collection of challenges that are catered towards art and crafts for kids to do at home.

Which one will your kid(s) enjoy most? Try them all and find out!

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#1: Calming & Easy Painting Ideas For Kids –  Watercolour Succulent 

Succulents make the perfect subjects for kids’ art activities because they stay absolutely still. They also are relatively simple to draw and paint as their shapes are easy to copy and still look good even if a little wonky. Check out the Learn to Paint Watercolor Succulent challenge. This is one of those art projects for kids that adults can enjoy too. For this DIY for kids watercolor painting project you will need a watercolor paper or thick cardstock (2-4 sheets), a pencil, watercolor paints with a palette, a cup of water, tissues, paintbrushes. You can also use masking tape to keep the borders clean, but that is optional.

#2: Fun Crafts For Kid – Felt Flowers 

Felt is a staple for any DIY crafts for kids, and with good reason. It’s a fun and versatile fabric that can be used for a number of crafts for kids to do at home. To learn to make felt flowers, you will need a sheet of felt, needle, thread, marker/pencil, scissors, a button (small size), and superglue. If you don’t have felt, you can use any fabric. After all, this project is just crafts for kids at home and not a competition. The idea is to have fun! Don’t forget to check our challenge and learn how to make felt flowers at home! You can make all kinds of colorful flowers. Once you’ve made the flowers, you can even string them up to make a wall hanging or stick them on card paper to make customized greeting cards. There are just a few craft ideas for kids to try even after they have completed their felt flower project. When it comes to fun crafts, the fun never stops with just one project, after all!

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#3: Nature-inspired Kids Art Activities – Paint a Flower 

Don’t just stop and smell the roses, paint them too! This is one of those painting ideas for kids that parents tend to enjoy as well. Not only does it get your kid out into nature which is always good for them, but also helps them to take the time to observe all its many shades and hues, instead of looking at a screen. DIY for kids should always be holistic, and this is definitely one of those easy painting ideas for kids that serves many purposes. To do this project, ask your kid to pick any plant or flower they like, and paint it. They can use a live plant or an image for reference. Make sure to ask them to think about whether you want to define each petal or just the shape of the flower as a whole. Once they’re done, they can even post their finished painting on our Paint a Flower Challenge and earn experience points!

#4: Fun Crafts For Kids – Monster Tissue Box

There are two types of arts and crafts for kids to do at home. The first type includes art and crafts ideas for kids that are pretty to look at like a wallhanging, portrait or painting. The second type includes fun crafts for kids at home such as making a monster tissue box! To make a monster tissue box you will need a tissue box, acrylic paint, cardstock, markers, and a scissor. For inspiration from other kids and references, please check out our Make a Monster Tissue Box Challenge. Make sure to let your kid know that they can make their monster as scary or silly or sweet as they like. Monsters don’t have to be terrifying, they can be friendly and goofy too. Fun crafts for kids are a great way to help them explore different kinds of stereotypes and discover how their own expressions and thoughts can be unique and do not have to fit in any kind of mold.

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#5: Kid’s Art That’s Full of Heart – Heart Painting on Canvas 

Canvas painting for kids is an amazing way to unleash their artistic and creative side. There’s something about painting on canvas that helps to unearth the true artist in any kid and instill a love for expressing themselves. One of the best canvas paintings ideas for kids is creating a heart painting on canvas. Go ahead, let your kid paint their heart out! You will need a canvas, acrylic paints, an old credit card/gift card or piece of cardboard, a roll of contact paper, scissors, and a pen for this project. This is one of the most favored kids’ art activities around Valentine’s Day but is perfect for any time of the year. Check out the Heart Painting on Canvas Challenge and follow our lead. 

#6: Crafts For Boys & Girls: Make A Custom Sign For Your Door 

Art and crafts ideas for kids are often gendered, but we believe that any kind of DIY crafts for kids can be enjoyed by everyone. As kids grow up, they love to assert their identity and look for ways to personalize their space in ways that express their personalities. Making a custom sign for their door is definitely a project that’s included in the list of fun crafts for kids to do at home, but is perfect for pre-teens and teens too. For this project, you can use any kind of crafts for kids (which means safe for kids to use) supplies. Some suggestions include cardboard or card stock, acrylic paints, markers, a hot glue gun, a wire, string, or rope to hang the sign if required, decorations such as stickers, sequins, or beads. Make this a DIY with kids project for the full family by asking your kid(s) and family members to make a customized sign for different members of the family or a sign to hang by the front door! You can even cut out images from magazines and newspapers and make a collage, merging different arts and crafts ideas for kids. Check out the customized signs other kids on DIY.org have made on our Make A Custom Sign For Your Door Challenge!

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#7: Creative Painting Ideas For Kids – Painting Rocks 

Everyone loves kid’s art activities that let kids use their imagination and creativity to the fullest extent. This painting rocks for kids project will help you do just that. You see, like clouds, rocks come in many shapes and sizes. It is up to the kid or kids to decide which creature or object the rocks they pick most resemble. The best part about these kinds of art projects for kids is that the rocks don’t even have to resemble any kinds of things or creatures that already exist. They can be completely imaginary! For example, you can paint an oval rock to look like a ladybug, cactus plant, or human face. You can even pick round rocks and paint them as emojis and different types of sports balls or planets. (As you can see there are so many art ideas for kids that you can explore in every project). Or, make this one of those kid’s art activities that allow your kid(s) to truly embrace their whimsical sides. Let them make up creatures and objects as they paint the rocks – using whatever colors and patterns they like. Painting rocks, for kids, is one of the most awesome ways to express their creative and imaginative sides. Check out our Learn to Paint a Rock Challengeand explore how different DIYers painted rocks. 

We hope you enjoyed all the different arts and crafts ideas for kids. We’ve purposely included a number of painting ideas for kids as well as craft ideas for kids so you can have a wide range from which to pick and choose. As you already know,  the most important facet of DIY for kids is that it needs to be a lot of fun. This is why we’ve included a ton of fun crafts and art projects for kids.  For more arts and crafts for kids to do at home, check out all the awesome courses and daily LIVE challenges on DIY.org! 

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