7 Fun And Easy Summer Craft Ideas for Kids


Having a hard time figuring out how to keep your children entertained and occupied through the summer? Fret no more. 

We’ve got you covered with tons of fun and interesting craft ideas that can be made in under 30 minutes or less without a lot of supervision. Most of them don’t require any extensive tools or skills, and your kid can get started without wasting another moment. It’s time to bust out the old art and craft supply closet!

P.S: We’ve added links to how-to-videos if you need any more help!

#1. Have Fun With Clay

Who says you need to buy clay to have fun with clay? Make your own at home without any hassles and create your masterpiece! You’ll need one cup of all-purpose flour, one cup of salt, one glass of warm water, 2-3 spoons of vegetable oil, a big mixing bowl, rolling pin, ruler, butter knife, pencil, newspaper, a flat plate or tray for the working base and you’re all set! Use food color to get better results.

#2. Make a Cardboard House


What if you could make a miniature town of your own? Find any unused or spare cardboard lying around to create the main base for your house and use glue, colored paper, pieces of fabric, washi tape, stickers, popsicle sticks, sequins, beads, pom-poms, or buttons to decorate it. 

#3. Make Your Own Fridge Magnet


Are you a fan of fridge magnets? Create your and show off your favorites to everyone! You’ll need a glossy box board, hot glue gun, pencil, colored markers, a couple of magnets, and scissors. Use the glossy box board to cut out favorite shapes and decorate them as you like. Bonus: Use a printed photo for best results. 

#4. Make a Dreamcatcher


Making a dream catcher is always a fun project to make. Besides, they make for great gifts too. To get started, you’ll need some feathers, beads, thread/wine, suede/leather cords, colorful wool, and a wooden or metal hoop. Start by wrapping and gluing the hoop with your choice of thread. Once done, decorate it by weaving and threading beads to your dream catcher

#5. Make a Pop-Up Book


A Pop-up book is surprisingly simple to make. A single one can become a gift card, or you can glue them together back-to-back to make an adventure book. All you need is some paper, scissors and a lot of glue. Keep your illustrations ready and start by cutting them with necessary slits and cuts to support them. For more reference, try this! 

#6. Create Gift Wrap With a Potato Stamp

Did you know you can do a lot more with potatoes? Hint: Amazing art stuff! They are a great way to make simple patterns that can be turned into wrapping paper! Give this a try with adult supervision and don’t forget to share your spud-tacular prints with others! For more reference, use this step-by-step guide. 

#7. Make Your Own Toaster Calender

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 6.56.55 PM.png

Do you have a personal calendar that complements your study space? If not, make one at home right now! You’ll need some markers, scissors, glue, a cutter, a pencil, a ruler and abundant card stock. Once ready, start by measuring and cutting paper to create the paper toaster. Once done, cut paper in the shape of bread slices and write the calendar dates on them. For a detailed how-to video, try this!