Get Into The Swing Of Spring With These DIY Challenges!

Now that we are officially into spring, meaning parents are beginning to look for stand-out summer activities for their kids. We thought we’d step in and give you some ideas on how to stay inspired during time off from school.

Springtime is when kids can explore new activities that will allow them to be both stimulated but also able to relax. Summer at is going to be fun-filled and loaded with new challenges.

Here are some DIY challenges to keep an eye on during your school break:

1. Let’s kickstart with an easy one: collecting recycled materials. This is an environmentally-conscious challenge that will help children become more aware of the waste produced by all of us in our everyday lives.

2. You can arrange an indoor garden. (Spoiler alert: You’ll get your hands dirty.) As you may know, the presence of plants in our living space makes us happier and more productive!


3. We welcome you to take a walk in the woods. The key to this challenge is to pay attention to everything you see, hear, smell and even taste. Take us with you on a video journey and narrate all the senses that are stimulated by the world around you.

4. This challenge is quite literally in the sun! Simply take interesting photographs with a shadow as a subject – could be your shadow or others’.

5. A tipi is a cone-shaped shelter that historically uses animal skins and wooden poles, but modern tipis can be made with tarps, canvas, or bedsheets. Let’s build one!

6. How about building a solar cooker this summer? It’s a lot easier (read: fun) than it sounds. All you need is a large enough cardboard box and aluminum foil.