DIYers Are Awesome – Meet Maz: An 8-Year-Old DIY Member And Entrepreneur

Maz is a prolific illustrator. He spends his time on DIY posting drawings of zany monsters he dreams up which he calls, “Mazters.” Over the past couple of years, he has started a small shop out of his garage called “Mazter’s Emporium Art Shop” where he sells his illustrations to his friends, neighbors, and people who come across his shop unexpectedly.

“I sell my “Mazter’s” trading cards, comics, chapter books, music videos, paper toys, plush, games that I make, and art. All of these things have my own characters in them. I draw all the time – I probably have drawn 2,000 characters. If you look at my school math book, wherever there is an equation there is also a drawing of one of my characters.”

When asked what he hopes to do with the shop in the future, he says, “I am starting to have in-store events like ‘how to draw’ some of my characters. And also I’m starting to create interactive activities where people pay to do missions around our yard which looks like a forest. In the missions they use my art and signs to figure out clues to solve the missions. I also want to have my own store someday not in my garage, and to sell my art there. And also to sell my art in other people’s stores.”