7 Fun Thanksgiving And Black Friday Activities For Kids

It is that time of the year when everyone is a little crazy and goes into a frenzy because of Black Friday. However, what if you extended the warm and cozy Thanksgiving spirit a day more? This Thanksgiving and Black Friday, how about spending time with kids creating some fun gifts for the upcoming holidays and doing some super cool activities which your kids will love? You might get some simple Thanksgiving crafts kits at the store. But, nothing beats doing some DIY with kids using things you can find easily at home. Think Thanksgiving kids activities and Black Friday activities are going to be a task for you? We are here to help you. We have curated some cool, useful Thanksgiving crafts and activities that you could enjoy doing with your kids this Black Friday. Check them out!

#1 Spend quality time with family

Thanksgiving is the time when even extended family comes together. And it is the perfect time to have a Thanksgiving kids games or Thanksgiving kids movie marathon. Also, the best time to start a family tradition. And also, the best time for your kids to learn and get to know more about your family. One of the best DIY for kids to do with family members would be to trace the family tree. Share with us about your family tree in this ‘Trace your family tree’ challenge. How about converting this into a fun canvas painting idea for kids by letting them draw your family tree on a canvas. You can try a family game night and tell us how it went in this ‘Have a family game night’ challenge. Get the kids to interview family members and share the stories here with us in this ‘Interview for local stories’ challenge. Come up with a unique family tradition and tell us all about it in this ‘Share a unique family tradition’ challenge. 

#2 Create an advent calendar

In the coming few days, it would be time to create an Advent calendar. What is an Advent calendar? It is, simply put, a special calendar that is used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Advent is marked by 25 days, or four Sundays before Christmas.  Creating super cool advent calendars are good art and craft idea for kids. Why not try a simple Acts of Kindness Advent calendar to mix up the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirits? For this simple art project for kids, you will need a metal or wood macramé hoop, some yarn or thread, card stock, and scissors. You can also use other geometrical shapes instead of the hoop for this easy crafts for kids. Hang 25 yarn or thread from this hoop. Attach small square card stock, which is numbered from 1 to 25. You can write down some activities for each day. This simple DIY craft for kids will also be a beautiful decor for your home. You should watch out for this upcoming ‘Christmas Advent Calendar with Jr Mod LiviaBivia!’ challenge. 

#3 Have a family baking time

To make this a Thanksgiving kids love, how about baking with them? Yes, it is a popular Thanksgiving activity for kids. You can try to bake vanilla cupcakes as a Black Friday activity for students this Black Friday. Check out this ‘Bake a batch of frosted vanilla cupcakes’ challenge to find out how to make the vanilla cupcakes. Don’t forget to share the results with us. Since every celebration deserves cake, how about baking one and sharing how it looks with us on this ‘Bake a cake for a party’ challenge. You can show how you decorated the cake in this  ‘Decorate a cake’ challenge.  

#4 Start with the Christmas decor

Yes, this is the right time to start working on your Christmas decor. There are tons of arts and crafts for kids that you can do with them. You can use the results of all the DIY with kids as home decor. How about creating a DIY Christmas tree with your kids for their rooms? It is an easy craft for kids to do at home. All you need for this craft idea for kids is some yarn, a few Christmas ornaments, fairy lights, and some sticks in varying lengths. Take the shortest stick so that it will act as the top of the Christmas tree. Hang a slightly longer stick below it using the yarn. Keep hanging longer sticks to the one above till you think you have reached the right height for your DIY tree. Hang Christmas ornaments to it and also string some fairy lights. Light it up and Voilà! Your own DIY Christmas tree is ready. Check out this ‘The Snowflake’ challenge and make some DIY snowflakes for your DIY Christmas tree. You can also create some beautiful popsicle baskets to keep your gifts under the tree from this ‘The Basket craft’ challenge. 

#5 Enjoy solving some puzzles

This is the perfect time to play some puzzle games for kids. How about finally doing the jigsaw puzzles you have at home, with your kids? Puzzles are awesome interactive games for kids and help in improving their spatial-visual intelligence, sharpening their memory and fine motor skill, training their hand and eye coordination, and also improving their ability to solve problems. You can play these fun games for kids online and offline. Design your own puzzle and share it with us in this ‘Design a puzzle’ challenge or in this ‘Create a puzzle game’ challenge. You can also give your kids some screen time to play fun games for kids to play online. 

#6 Make a wreath and other knick-knacks

This is the perfect time for these super easy and fun crafts for kids. Make a wreath from an old coat hanger and foliage you can find outside your house. Make it better by including a thanksgiving theme to this Thanksgiving kids’ crafts. Cut up some paper into the form of leaves and add it to the wreath you made. Write words of gratitude on these paper leaves. Lo, and behold, your Thanksgiving wreath is ready! Share the pictures of your wreath with us in this ‘Make a wreath’ challenge. Another craft for kids at home that you can make easily is a rope coaster. All you need for this craft for kids is a rope, a glue gun, scissors, and a lighter. Take the end of the rope and roll it into itself to form the center of the coaster. Glue it. Continue rolling the rope and gluing it till you reach the required size of the coaster. Don’t forget to share the results with us in this ‘Craft rope coasters’ challenge. Since it is going to be the season, why not try your hand at creating a snow globe. You can check out how to create a snow globe from the video in this ‘Make a snow globe’ challenge. 

#7 Catch up on some reading

While it would be nice to be doing easy art projects for kids or 5 minute Thanksgiving crafts, it would also be nice to catch up on some reading with your little ones. Grab that favorite book of theirs and read with them in your cozy space. While you are at it, recommend us a good book to read in this ‘Recommend a book to read’ challenge. We would love to check out your favorite book too. If you are looking for some simple read-along for your little ones, you can check out this ‘Fred is an awesome worm reading challenge’ or this ‘Jack’s journey reading challenge’. You can keep some Thanksgiving kids’ books stocked up for occasions like this. You can also catch up on some Thanksgiving kids’ shows or watch some Thanksgiving kids’ videos after your reading. Another easy painting idea for kids would be to create a book cover for their favorite book. Share the results with us in this ‘Draw a book cover’ challenge. We would also love it if you joined our book club in this ‘Book Club with MockingJayJay’ if you love reading Harry Potter. 

These were some simple craft and art ideas for kids that would be perfect for this Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We hope you will try everything out and share the results with us. We would love to see them. Did we tell you that we have challenges for all sorts of occasions? Go ahead and share the memory of doing these easy and simple Thanksgiving activities for kids by making a collage in this ‘Recreate a vivid memory through a collage’ challenge. Not only that, but we have a lot more challenges here that you should take part in.

Don’t forget to try out the courses we have here. We hope these Thanksgiving crafts to make with your kids help you spend quality time with your little ones and make beautiful memories that you can cherish forever. Have fun this Thanksgiving and Black Friday away from the crowds. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy DIYing!