5 Awesome Online Games And Activities For Kids At Home

With social distancing becoming the new normal, we are spending most of our time indoors. With kids in the house, it is now necessary for parents to find more activities that can be done inside the house or online to keep the kids occupied after school time. Searching for virtual games for kids and virtual activities for kids can be quite a hassle if you do not know where to start.

We have curated a few games for kids on the computer and interactive games for kids that can be played inside the house. We are sure this list will help you keep your kids engaged for a long time. In the list, we have included some fun games for kids online and educational activities, and learning videos for kids. Let’s delve into these activities to do at home and games for kids to play online.

#1 Play UNO 

UNO is one of the classic multiplayer games kids love. Every group has its own rules for this classic game that can now be found on almost all kids game sites. We know kids might not have met their best friends in a long time due to the pandemic. UNO is one of the simplest zoom games for kids. UNO can be played via Zoom video conference calls. You can also play UNO at your family nights and share how it went with us in this ‘Have a family game night’ Challenge. Tell us how unique your rules are for these fun multiplayer games kids and everybody loves. In the future, if you are going on road trips with your kids, remember that UNO is one of the few fun car games for kids. There are a lot more fun zoom games for kids like 20 Questions, Bingo, Trivia, Charades, Heads Up, etc. that are multiplayer games kids will have a lot of fun playing with their friends.

#2 Play Pictionary 

Pictionary is another one of the classic multiplayer games for kids online and offline. Pictionary was inspired by charades and is a fun word guessing game that can be considered as one of the few fun puzzle games for kids. To play Pictionary as part of online puzzle games for kids to be played on Zoom, you need to decide the teams first. After deciding on the teams and the number of people in the team, pick a designated person to draw for the team. Use a random word generator to select a random word. This can be done by the designated drawer of each team. The opposite team’s designated drawer has one minute to draw the word and let the team members guess the word. The team gets a point if they guess the correct word. You can invent your own word game and share it with us in this ‘Invent a word game’ challenge.

#3 Play Board games

Board games are awesome online games for kids. Board games and such learning kids games help kids develop their cognitive skills and increase their brain function. These memory games for kids online stimulate the kid’s brain areas that are responsible for memory formation and complex thought processes. You can play Chess, Checkers, and other children’s games online. There are many websites that offer these online educational games for kids. Make sure that there is parental supervision when your kids are online. Especially when they are playing multiplayer games for kids online with strangers. For offline activity, you can create your own board game with your kids based on your own rules. Share the board game you created with us in this ‘Make a board game’ challenge. If you want to go a step further, you can create some fun board games on cardboard and share them with us in this ‘Make a cardboard game’ challenge

#4 Play Tape games

We know there are a lot of browser games for kids that they would love playing online. However, we also need to develop their motor skills along with their cognitive skills. There are a lot of learning videos for 4 year olds and older kids that can help you select activities that help kids develop their motor skills. One of the easiest available materials that can be used in such learning games for 5th graders and above is tape. You can create fun activities for kids using tape. Remember Hopscotch? You can play that with your kids by using the tape to make a Hopscotch board. Show us how you made it and the results here in this fun ‘Hopping Hopscotch’ challenge. Make a toy car for your kids using this ‘Build a soapbox car’ challenge and use tape to create a race car track for your kids to play with their soapbox car. Use painter’s tape to create a spider web on the doorway. The kids can throw paper balls at these ‘spider webs’ and see if their paper balls get caught in the ‘spider web’. Use tape to create a maze for your kids and see how easily they learn how to get out of the maze. You can share the results here at the ‘Create and test an animal maze’ challenge if you are using ants and other tiny animals to play in the maze. You can also find an online maze for kids to design more complex mazes.

#5 Play Balloon games

Like the tape, the balloon is another material that you can use to create simple activities for your kids to do at home. There are a lot of learning games for 4 year olds and older kids that utilize balloons. Balloon games help develop your kid’s motor skills and burn some boisterous energy. You can create some fun Halloween games for kids online and offline. Use balloons for the games you are playing at home. We are sure kids would love playing with the balloons. Create your own rules. For example: Play without letting the balloons touch the ground. Or place a balloon between your kid’s legs and let them walk from one point to another without dropping it or bursting it. You can also check out our ‘Balloon blow up’ challenge or this ‘Paint with balloons’ challenge. You can also play balloon volleyball or balloon hockey with your kids. They can also try balancing their balloons on the back of their hand. These activities help kids develop their motor skills. 

We know kids have a lot of energy, and it is difficult to keep them occupied in an activity for a long time. This might be cumbersome for you, especially if you are working while taking care of them and need to be in urgent Zoom meetings and such. They say the normal attention span of a kid is two or three times their age. We are sure these virtual games for kids and the interactive games for kids that can be played inside the house mentioned above would be perfect for your kids. Playing these learning games for 5 year olds and above with them would be one of the best bonding activities that you can try while having fun with your kids. You can even try learning a new language as part of this bonding activity, helping your kid to equip themselves with awesome linguistic abilities too. You can find a lot of online classes for kids where they can learn new languages. If your kids would love to learn Spanish, check out Spanish class online for kids on applications that teach new languages. They can learn more languages like French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, etc. Here is a challenge where you can introduce yourself in a new language. You can also have fun creating a new language with your kids. Don’t forget to share the results with us in this ‘Create a new language’ challenge  

Our platform is one of the best learning sites for kids where you can find everything related to the best online games for kids and much more. We know that your kids will love playing these virtual games for kids mentioned above with you. We understand how these virtual games for kids help develop your kid’s motor skills and cognitive skills. Activities like online puzzle games for kids, kids coloring games, fun math games for kids, and so on help in increasing your kid’s visual-spatial skills, problem-solving skills, imaginative play and creativity, reading skills, building social connections, emotional and behavioral benefits, etc. 

Check out our challenges to find out more virtual games for kids and virtual classes for kids. We have informative kids educational videos and fun online classes for teens and kids in these challenges. You can also find a lot of simple and fun courses on our website too. We aim to make online learning for kids a much simpler affair with us around. Have fun playing the above-mentioned games with your kids in this time when social distancing is the new normal, and share the results with us in our different challenges.

Have a great time learning new things!

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